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Excerpts From A (recently discovered) Garden Diary (7)


By david


September 21 ’2000 15.00hrs Thursday.

“A warm, sunny afternoon. 3 red Admirals were on the Buddleia “Black Knight”, and a Peacock butterfly also visited. Watched a Painted Lady sunning herself on the deck………."

….., and saw a Red Admiral on the front of the nest box."

(Current note : the nest box had by now been painted soapstone and iris blue, to match the trellis).

October 7 ’00 17.00hrs Saturday.

“With my birthday money, I bought a large garden lighting set:- 12 stake lights, 4 spotlights, 2 × 100ft lengths of cable, and a dawn-dusk sensor. The garden has been left to its own devices these past 2 weeks, as am busy in the nursery.”

(Current note: not one for plants, either).

October 27 2000 23.00hrs Friday.

“Our baby, James, was born this morning at 10.11 by Caesarean, and have kept the placenta, which is now in the freezer, awaiting a suitable plant to be buried under.”

Magazine article in the diary, source not recorded.

(Current note: At that time, I worked in the operating theatre where James (and later, Eilidh, too) was born, and had seen similar requests before. I don’t think my colleagues were a bit surprised when I asked for it to be kept, for garden soil improvement purposes – lol!).

December 25 ’00 21.00hrs Monday.

“Christmas Day – and a White Christmas too! It snowed yesterday, and lay, with more snow showers today. Presents with a gardening theme were:- ornamental birdhouse;wooden windspinner; “AA Book of the Countryside”; book “The Garden at Highgrove”; 2 videos on urban and country birds; and an IOU for a fruit tree, from James."

December 31 ’00 18.00hrs Sunday.

“Heavy snowfall began this afternoon. Lavatera, purple primulas, and a solitary climbing rose bloom are the only things flowering right now.”

(Current note: I ended the diary for 2000 with the following pic, no doubt hoping to achieve the same wildlife-friendly planting next summer).

January 9 2001 22.00hrs Tuesday.

“This evening there was a lunar eclipse, which has just ended. i manged to video it.”

“Daily Record” newspaper, January 10 2001

February 21 ’01 18.00hrs Wednesday.

“Came home from work to find that the Conference Pear tree I’d ordered has been delivered. Have chosen this for the placenta, as it should fruit in October, same time as James’ birthday.”

March 8 ’01 18.00hrs Sunday

“This evening, the placenta finally got buried beneath the roots of the new pear tree, watched by Mum, Dad, Shona and James. They were very interested to see it still looking “good as new” after it had been defrosting all day."

James’ gardening debut

(To be continued……..)

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Ah well, at least you didn't eat it!! Lol! :~))
J looks really cute there!

16 Dec, 2009


No chance, Marie, it was well labelled!! We all had a good laugh when I showed this pic, but J would probably be very embarassed if he saw it here. :-))

16 Dec, 2009


Well some people DO eat the placenta! Strange, but true! In some cultures it's fed back to the mother to build her up after childbirth!

16 Dec, 2009


Yum...possible food shortage there:-( Dogs often eat the placenta, I used to let my bitches eat theirs if they wanted, some didn't. Lovely pics David, although I skipped quickly over the placenta burial /tree planting one:-) Loved especially your summer planting one by the decking, gorgeous, and of course James, even more so:-)

16 Dec, 2009


I know they do! A homeopath friend at the time suggested that a unique formula could be made from it for treatment of ailments for J, but wouldn't go that far.

Hi Bornagain. I did debate, actually, whether to include that pic, but decided to do so as it is part of the diary. interesting to read about your animals. :-))

16 Dec, 2009


Very interesting, David, I knew about the placenta being eaten before but not the planting bit!

16 Dec, 2009


You look a bit different there, David - but James! Wasn't he a bonny baby. :-))

16 Dec, 2009


interesting blog david but feel a bit queezy now lol james looks cute on this pic

16 Dec, 2009


You mean that I've aged 10 years, Spritz? (feels like 20 at times, lol!). :-))

Sorry about that, San :-( James has "aged" too, of course, haha!) :-))

17 Dec, 2009


lol hope so david :o))

17 Dec, 2009


In all my years of gardening I'd never heard of anybody burying a placenta in their garden!!! Were you hoping to get some "bloody" pears??? LOL! Interesting things you recorded in your diary!

10 Jan, 2010


No, Balcony, was hoping to grow tomatoes for "Blood Marys", lol!!

Welcome Back from sunny Spain (or was it?). Hope you all had a fantastic Festive break!!.

I had, in my line of work, heard opf, and met some folks, who did this with placentae (trying to sound erudite, lol). More common, of course, to mark the birth of children by planting trees, etc., as have seen elsewhere on GOY.

Yes, that diary was, in retrospect, a nice piece of family history, and some interesting astronomical events, too. :-))

10 Jan, 2010


Thanks for the welcome back, David. Happy New Year to you - even though we are 10 days into it!

We did have an enjoyable time in Spain but it was far from sunny!!! In fact I don´t think we had more than 2 days of sunshine plus 2 half days! We had more rain in two weeks than I think we've had here in the whole year! When we arrived in Cuenca & got off the train it was raining heavily & continued all night & part of the following morning - Christmas Eve.

It was warmer there than when we left the UK - we left behind snow & ice & -4ºC! Spain was unseasonably warm & we found most of the two weeks that the temps were around 8º-10ºC when we would have expected them to be around 0ºC!

There were floods in SW Spain as the winds were coming from the SW bringing warm air full of moisture which fell as heavy rain across all Spain. Although Cuenca is almost in the centre of the peninsula we also got an awful lot. One day we were up in my mother-in-law's flat we had very heavy rain for a few hours. We later heard that a reservoir further up river had overflowed because of the heavy rain & that they had had to open the sluice gates to avoid it bursting.

A couple of days later I got some photos of the two rivers that join up in Cuenca but by then they had started to go down considerably. I know because we crossed the bridge in a bus only a day or two after the incident I described above & it was much, much higher. We also heard that a small portion of the city had had slight flooding where the river burst its banks.

Tonight they expect the temps in Cuenca to fall to about -12ºC! Although they don´t have snow there at present the weather is much, much colder than here in the UK!

10 Jan, 2010


I'm not that great on geography, and have always thought that Cuenca is located much higher in altitude than a lot of the country, Is it in La Mancha? Never been, but would like to see this area. -12 does sound a bit low, however. No wonder they won't get snow! A surprising number of work colleagues were going off to spend Xmas and/or New Year in Spain this time round. They were all complaining about the feedback from friends already there about the rain b4 they set off. Would love it to be mild enough here to rain, and wash away the snowdrifts and underlying packed ice!

One new "Resolutiion" for myself, Thanks to you! Am going to be getting out and about our town, on foot, and capture the many, amazing municipal plant displays!!! :-))

10 Jan, 2010


Glad I inspired you to get out & take some photos of the Municipal displays. My photo "safaris" are on hold until about March as there is practically no change in winter/spring bedding once they have established themselves. In March some Primulas/Polyanthus should start their display. Daffs will also be making an appearance.

11 Jan, 2010


Same here, Balcony. Roll on Spring! :-))

13 Jan, 2010

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