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Excerpts From A (recently discovered) Garden Diary (6)


By david


May 14 2000 18.00hrs Sunday.

“The timber steps leading down to the lower patio are now built. At Ikea I got convex mirrors to fix onto the trelllis……Although the past 2 weeks have been very hot, I’ve done a lot of transplanting and new planting, and everything has survived.”

“What do you think you two are on – holiday?”

June 1 ’00 20.00hrs Thursday.

“Sat in the garden today, and watched a female blackbird having a bath in the pool, squatting on a submerged stone. The Blue Tits continue to bring food to their chicks in the nest box. Sometimes, they collect insects from around the garden, mainly from the trellis and shed eaves. I sneaked a look inside the box; there are 3 chicks. the nest seems to have a domed roof with side opening.”

June 3 ’00 19.00hrs Saturday.

-“Went to Gardening Scotland, the new name and location for Scotland’s National gardening Show. Bought an Asplenium scolopendrium angustifolia (Hart’s Tongue Fern) and a Carex elata aurea. Got ladybird info from the Scottish Crop Research Institute stand and have sent off for a ladybird video.”_

“Gardening Scotland 2000” Ticket"

(Featuring Jim McColl, main presenter of “Beechgrove Garden”, Scotland’s television equivalent to “Gardeners’ World”. He has been presenting the programme, which airs weekly, in season, since 1978. A truly perennial “institution”!)

June 8 ’00 17.00hrs Friday.

Went to the Jupiter Urban Wildlife Centre, Grangemouth. Bought 2 X Briza media, Common Mallow X 1, 1 X Malva moschata, 1 X Silene dioica “alba”, 1 X “Ragged Robin” (Lychnis flos cuculi), 1 X thistle “Melancholy”, and 1 X “Nottingham Catchfly”. The ladybird video arrived today." _

“Melancholy” Thistle (Cirsium heterophyllum). Photo in diary when it bloomed, July 2001)

Malva moschata (Musk Mallow)

(Current note:- The Jupiter Urban Wildlife Centre, which occupies an area of wasteland in the midst of a very heavy industrial site, was established by its then landowner – ICI/Astra Zeneca – in 1992, as a native plants/gardening resource for the local community, schools, etc. About 5 years ago, it closed to the public, but has since seen a revival through collaboration between the Scottish Wildlife trust (SWT) and the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV). Have just put this in my 2010 diary under “places to visit/revisit”).

June 22 ’00 23.00hrs Thursday.

“A 2-spot ladybird has been found recently, twice, in the ilex “Golden King” and on Alchemilla mollis.. there are lots of ants, and we are having a greenfly epidemic. Sprayed affected plants with soapy water. The ladybirds are, obviously, eating some, and Blue tits have also been seen picking aphids off plants. Could this be the beginning of the biological control I’m aiming for? yesterday was Midsummer’s Day, and Hughie found a hedgehog coming up the gravel path from the back gate."

July 16 ’00 17.00hrs Sunday.

“Dad gave me a present of a cordless screwdriver, to make the job of screwing the deckboards and trellis much easier. Re-painted the King’s head planter in blue and silver.”

The new King’s Head

September 19 ’00 17.00hrs Tuesday.

“Have enjoyed getting pics of the butterflies this summer – mainly, Peacocks, Red Admirals, Painted Ladies and Cabbage Whites.”

Cabbage White and Red Admiral on Buddleia davidiii “White Bouquet” – 9/9/00

September 21 ’00 14.00hrs Thursday.

“3 Red Admirals were on the Buddleia “Black Knight”, and a Peacock also visited. not managed to get much done out in the garden, as busy setting up the back bedroom as a nursery."

(Current note:- "And it wasn’t one for plants/seedlings!!))

Septermber 2000

Bee in Lavatera 9/9/2000

(To be continued…………)

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Well David .. you in a dressing gown chilling out was not something expected to see . Bet you look back on this and think oh I wish.. is this the early stages before chocolate fever got a hold ?

25 Nov, 2009


You have made your garden beautiful what a great job you have done there love your kings head too. I see your relaxing looking around your plants, how you fit in 13 hrs shifts and also look after your children take them on their adventures and do all this on goy and do all this in your garden is beyond me, I take my hat off to you love the thistle its lovely. You should rest more.

25 Nov, 2009


~ I second that David~but not outside this weather!

25 Nov, 2009


I love these blogs David do you find your tastes have changed at all?

25 Nov, 2009


Back in 1900 those long coats were very fashionable...
Was that drinking chocolate in your mug ? ;o)

26 Nov, 2009


Another good 'un :))

26 Nov, 2009


I echo everything that Morgana has said , it's amazing , you make me feel lazy David .. well done .. I love the Kings head and shed too :o)

26 Nov, 2009


I like your white painted trellises. You've given me an idea :o)

26 Nov, 2009


Loved this blog as well, David! :-) How do you find the time to do so much??? You must be one of these "workaholics" we sometimes hear about! LOL! You really ought to take things a little easier!

26 Nov, 2009


Take things easy? Lol! I certainly do! I might do those 13hr work shifts Morgana (just finished one), but means I work only 3 days a week, so more days off to do all the other things (although, yes Arlene, mostly indoors at the mo).
:-)). Have been doing this for the past 8 years, and was my choice, it is not necessary. In fact, my leaving my former place of work is mentioned in this diary, because I got my greenhouse as a leaving pressy from my ex-colleagues (some of whom followed me at later dates).

Just not enough hours in the day! :-))

Not quite sure why I was wearing that gown, Bb, but just knew that you would have something to say about it, Tt :-D

What are you thinking about, Hywel? :-)

Hmm Drc, that's a tough question. I definitelty wouldn't have the blue and white colour scheme, nor that "purple" on the shed. I'd definitely not change the plants, and still prefer calmer colours like blue, mauve cream (and "chocolate" of course now) to hot shades to be among and look at for any length of time. :-))

26 Nov, 2009


~ are you thinking about those floor lengthy coats from the 70's TT? had a brown velvet one and another plum coloured very fitted one~ my photos of the 70's are of flares in airforce blue with silk shirt knotted at the waist~ thankfully I was slim enough to be able to get away with that! Wish I could turn the clock back~!Wasn't purple a 70's colour?I seem to remember a lot of amethyst?
David~ how is the weather now~ are you able to get out much on those days off?

26 Nov, 2009


Hi Arlene! Hoping to get into the garden in the morning. Yesterday was just awful, 83 mph winds recorded at one point in the day. Edinburgh Castle was closed for safety reasons (don't ever remember this happening b4). Glad I didn't have to go to work in that torrential rain. Had to drive the kids to and from school in morning, lunchtime and after school. It's only less than 10mins walk, but we just couldn't have made it on foot. Today was less windy, and mainly sunny, but began raining again on the way home. I really do think I can put the sunlounger away in the shed now!

Willy Wonka's jacket was described in the book as being a plum colour, if you remember! So, that makes it the 60s! :-D

26 Nov, 2009


~ my goodness that is very windy~ not as bad as that here but giving the woods a miss at the moment~ you should hear the creaking ! ~Also hoping to get out in the afternoon!
I think that sun lounger won't be needed for quite a while!

27 Nov, 2009


After me saying elsewhere - what wind? Should've known not to say a thing, lol! Just got a phonecall to say that I can have a "lie in" in the morning - until 8.00am! LOL!

27 Nov, 2009


Lol! Hope you enjoyed your lie-in!
I've finally caught you up!! Yay!
Arlene & Terra, I DO wear a floor-length velvet coat! Lol! I love it!

28 Nov, 2009

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