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Excerpts From A (recently discovered) Garden Diary (4)


By david


May 4 ’99 15.00hrs Tuesday.

“Bought a pump and underwater lights with our Wedding Anniversary gift vouchers. I really like the urn as the centrepiece for the water feature, but Shona prefers the fountain because it produces more water sound. The urn has, therefore, been put aside.”

(Oh well, that was short-lived!! Tried explaining that, even with underwater lights, it wasn’t meant to be a miniature replica of the Magic Fountains of Montjuic, Barcelona, but, anyway, the “Athenian” urn eventually got planted up with an ivy sneaked back from a Greek island holiday, so all was not totally in vain.)

This pic, from later on in the diary, is the only “watery” one in it. By this time (July 2001), the trellis had multiplied greatly, and HAD been painted._

May 24 ’99 07.00hrs Monday

Have just watched, fascinated,a thrush trying to bathe in the water feature pool, but it almost fell in headfirst, Have just gone out and placed a few submerged stones for birds to sit on and have a bath."

May 25 ’99 09.00hrs Tuesday.

“Have just sneaked a look inside the nest box – there are 4 chicks. I can hear the parents’ alram calls, so leave quickly. …………..”

May 26 ’99 20.00hrs Wednesday.

“Today I erected a mesh fence round the nest box area, to keep Scamp (our, then, cat – editor’s comment) at bay. The birds didn’t seem to mind me doing this, even though I was at times les than 3ft from the box, and only slightly below it. They did, however, object strongly to the cat’s presence. Otherwise, they just continued to fly back and forth, bringing food for their babies.”

(Will not post any more excerpts re the Blue Tits, as have no still pics. I got it all on video, but hope to, one day, transfer onto DVD. We did raise a new family the next year, and they used to entertain us as we sat in the garden. Am proud that my home-made box was used straight away..Having found this journal,and with children to join in the fun now, we make a couple of nest boxes over the coming winter! :-D ).

Bee in Centaurea montana, May 1999

June 5 ’99 20.00hrs Saturday.

“Went to the first National garden Show today. bought a “Gardening for Birds” video at the RSPB stand……..No sign of the Blue Tits today. They were there last night. Checked the box and it is empty."

My ticket, glued into the diary

(This was the very first annual show, which is now known as “Gardening Scotland”. It was the first national horticultural show to have been held since the Glasgow Garden Festival in 1988, one of the five National Garden Festivals which were held between 1984 and 1992. One of the main aims of these Festivals was the “regeneration” of derelict industrial city areas. The other Festivals were;- Liverpool 1984, Stoke-on-Trent 1986, Gateshead 1990 and Ebbw Vale 1992. Does anyone remember those? In fact, my guide/souvenir brochure was among the items in my recently-discovered box, along with my diary).

Front Cover of Glasgow Garden Festival 1988 Brochure. The Prince and Princess of Wales were “Patrons in Chief”.

(Anyway….back to the diary.)

June 25 – July 2 ’99.

“A week in Surrey, spent mainly visiting gardens. On the 27th I went to the first Regent’s Park Flower Show – not impressed! Saw Claremont and Painshill 18thC landscaped gardens at Esher and Cobham, Kew Gardens, Richmond, and the RHS Gardens at Wisley (excellent). Weather was not at all good – heavy rain most days.”

August 11 ’99 13.00hrs Wednesday.

“The much-hyped total eclipse of the sun took place today at 11.11hrs. Scattered cloud diminished the effect here but I watched it with one eye kept on the live TV coverage from Cornwall. Our supposed 80% eclipse paled into insignificance compared with what they saw there.”

September 12 ’99 17.00hrs Sunday.

“Painted the shed with Cuprinol Garden Shades “Lavender” as part of my plan for a blue/mauve/cream colour scheme."

The Shed, September 1999

Plants in Flower in the Garden in September ’99
Climbing rose, chrysanthemum, Impatiens, Buddleia, Lavatera, Lobelia, Achillea, Lonicera, Hebe, Holcus, Festuca amethystina, Antirrhinum, Oxalis, Alyssum, Geranium, Petunia, Pelargonium, Centaurea montana, Erigeron, Marguerite, Fuchsia, Nasturtium, Solidago, Helichrysum italicum, Centranthus ruber, Scabiosa caucasica, Lychnis chalcedonica, Meconopsis cambrica, Gladiolus, Viola, Brachyglottis, Lavandula, Heuchera “Purple Palace”, Hosta, Echinops ritro, Erica, Coreopsis “Baby Sun” and Caryopteris (“Inca”, Worcester Gold" and “Heavenly Blue).”

Scabiosa caucasica, September 1999

January 1 2000 15.00hrs Saturday.

“A NEW MILLENIUM! And, a new look is planned for the garden. It will be divided into 2 “rooms” on different levels – to get rid of the slope – with a modern look and atmosphere, but with the planting being informal and wildlife-friendly.!

January 1, 2000

(Well, I was keen to get on with it! Seems, though, that I’ve been building trellises, wooden planters and decking every year since!! :-D).

(To be continued……)

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Lovely look back is your shed still as nice and are the under water lights still going?

18 Nov, 2009


Far from it, Drc. Am in my third garden since then! :-))

18 Nov, 2009


Oh thats an even better way to recall it then.

18 Nov, 2009


I remember that eclipse. We had drizzle lol. It went rather dark but it was dark anyway because of the cloudy weather. - Rather disappointing :o(
Nice reading your memories again.

18 Nov, 2009


like the head planter~ have you still got that?

18 Nov, 2009


I remember the Gateshead Festival in 1990 (just)..managed to drag OH along. It was a lovely hot day I remember. I like that head planter too....looks good on the shed (lovely colour by the way!)

18 Nov, 2009


Nice to see your diaries D, its great to look back and see where youve been isn't it?

18 Nov, 2009


Fascinating.... You worked very hard on your garden David...

Future episodes to be entitled.....
"Country Diary of an Edwardian Gentleman" :o)

18 Nov, 2009


It's a pity you didn't get a better view of it, Hywel. :-(

No, don't have it now, Arlene. I changed its colour, too - to blue and silver, lol!

I was going to go to the Gateshead festival, Alice, but never got. :-(

Indy, yes, it's given us a good laugh here. :-))

Tt - I don't have any middle names Vic or Edward, lol!! :-D

20 Nov, 2009


David you're not Jedward but ...
......Vedward LOL LOL LOL

20 Nov, 2009


lol, Tt! I don't have the hair for that! :-D

20 Nov, 2009


I love these back flashes, David! It's good that you kept a diary I could never get round to doing one. I do seem to recall I was writing one some years ago but I also seem to recall that the space for comments was too small. If it was the dairy my daughter gave me some years ago then it was a commercial dairy & I now have no idea where it might be. It's not here on my bookshelves alongside the computer.

26 Nov, 2009


Not quite sure why I started one, Balony, but it is in a spiral notebook, which was chosen so that I could put the photos in. You never know, yours might turn up when you're looking for something else, which is always the way with me. :-)

26 Nov, 2009


That's always the way, isn't it? Things appear when you least expect to see them!

28 Nov, 2009


I got one of those heads (and the female version) & painted them to look like stone! I gave them to my Dad in 2000, & he still has them!

28 Nov, 2009


..I don't think you should refer to our nice Mr. Balcony as "balony" Lol. :o)

29 Nov, 2009


Oh, Tt!!! Lol!! So glad I didn't have you as a schoolteacher, ma'am. :-)) I'm sure that he doesn't mind (did he notice?), as am sure he would have let me know?

Oh, Hi BalCony, yes, they do have a habit of doing this, don't they?

Ah, Marie, funny we were both painting heads then, eh? Glad your Dad still has them. :-))

29 Nov, 2009


Hee hee! Yep I dont have my set though!

29 Nov, 2009


Thank you, TT, for realizing the error of David's ways! LOL! Thank you for referring to me as "our nice Mr. Balcony", made me blush with embarrassment! LOL!

I didn't notice actually, David! LOL! Any way I've been "otherwise engaged" these last few days & yesterday when I tried to open the GoY page I discovered I had no internet connection!!! I had no connection all evening! Fortunately I still have a lot of work to do on my own webpages that I was occupied all evening. As I still had no internet connection by the time I went to bed I couldn't upload the modifications to my pages on the internet.

2 Dec, 2009


That would have made me swear, and throw my toys out of my pram!!!! Seems like you are ok now, though? I'm not (I think, anyhow?) prone to writing a load of Baloney!!!) :-))

2 Dec, 2009


Lol! Its tempting, but..............
No, you don't David! :~))

3 Dec, 2009


If thats Baloney ,I'll take a double decker on rye with some cream cheese and a handfull of jalopenos any day mate! ;~)))

3 Dec, 2009


That sounds really gooooooood, Indy! :-))

4 Dec, 2009


Snacks r us at your swervice!!!!

5 Dec, 2009

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