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Excerpts From A (recently discovered) Garden Diary (2)


By david


January 24 1999 14.00hrs Sunday.

“Went to the Garden Centre, which has a good selection of wildlife-friendly plants. Bought 2 books; “The Wild Garden” by Violet Stevenson, and “Wild Flowers of Britain and Europe” by Bob Press and Bob Gibbons."

“Plants in Flower in the Garden in January ’99.

Hellebore, winter pansy, cyclamen, Erica"

Hellebore photo in the diary

February 2 ’99 17.30hrs Tuesday.

“Began replacing the fence which blew down on Boxing Day, using wood obtained free from Harry’s work. Ordered by telephone seeds from the Thompson & Morgan ’99 catalogue. (They never did arrive).”

(Harry was my uncle, who died earlier this year, aged 64. He was an international lorry driver, and the company’s yard was always a great place to pick up timber, wooden pallets, nuts, bolts, screws, rope, etc., for any purpose. Must have added the bracketed entry later, when I realised that the seeds hadn’t come. Didn’t do anything about that, for some unknown reason. The only time I ever had a problem ordering anything).

“Plants in Flower in the Garden in February ’99.

Hellebore, Snowdrop, Purple Primula, Erica, Pansy, Cyclamen"

The purple primula

February 14 ’99 11.00hrs Sunday.

“National Nest Box Week begins today. The nest box I made in November is in the garden on a fence post facing east and 6ft above ground level. Hung some food from a nearby branch………I bought another book, “Scottish Plants for Scottish Gardens” by Jill, Duchess of Hamilton, reduced from £12.95 to £2.50."

(Am still a sucker for a bargain, hehe!)

My Home-made Nest Box, again. The roof was covered with a piece of roofing felt, and hinged with a piece of leather. I remembered to drill holes in the box base for drainage.

February 15 ’99 22.00hrs Monday.

" Cathy gave Hughie a haircut this evening and I kept the clippings. I will hang it out in a net bag as nest material, as an inducement for birds to use the nest box."

February 17 ’99 10.00hrs Wednesday.

“Hung out the dog hair next to the food on the branch near the nest box. It immediately attracted Robins and Tits. Two Blue Tits actually inspected the nest box!”

Article on putting out hair,etc., for birds to use as nesting material

(This article, stuck in the diary, sorry, too large to fit it all within the pic dimensions for uploading here, gave me the idea for "recycling/re-using the dog hair).

Hughie and me, caught like two rabbits in the glare of a camera flash! OMGoodness! Check out those “Prince Charles lugs” – LOL! (Mine – not Hughie’s). Photo from diary, uploaded after a great deal of indecision. :-D

March 16 ’99 21.00hrs Tuesday.

“This evening I made a Rosemary topiary globe. Wired together 2 10” hanging baskets to form a ball frame, potted up a £1.99 bushy Rosemary plant, placed the ball in the centre and pegged it down into the compost, then tied in the branches."

Beginnings of my only attempt at Topiary. It did grow, and look quite good. Have pics somewhere, but not in the diary, unfortunately. :-(

(To be continued…..)

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I like the idea of the topiary rosemary globe David.

14 Nov, 2009


what lovely photos david.

14 Nov, 2009


I like the globe too, David! See the Blyton Tourettes is still there! Lol!!

14 Nov, 2009


Fascinating, David...
my recent photo of bird feeders shows my terra cotta apple in which I put dog hair for the birds... I like your picture of the magazine article with the blue tit collecting hair for its nest. :o)
I see you've reached 1899 now... a good year for Victoria plums.. Lol.

14 Nov, 2009


Another interesting blog with some great photos. Hughie is lovely, bless him.

14 Nov, 2009



14 Nov, 2009


~yes what a sweetie!very interesting blog!

14 Nov, 2009


Lovely blog David, and some nice pics too....Love the one of you ang Hughie

14 Nov, 2009


The topiary globe was an idea from some magazine, and it worked well, I remember, Claire. :-)

Went back and read your caption in more detail, Tt! - Great!!!! :-))

But - what is meant by Blyton's Tourettes, and 1899?????? I'm in 1999 right now, and have checked all my spelling, and ticed all the boxes. :-)) Even Googled "Blyton's Tourettes", and an earlier comment from you, Marie, here on GOY, is right there at the top!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many Thanks, Seaburn and Alice - glad you liked this part, too! :-))

Many Thanks, Gee and Arlene!! - Hughie was a lovely dog. We rescued him, via my late uncle, from an owner who used to hit him with any "weapon" to hand. Took me several months to gain his trust, as he was just so scared of blokes. Sadly, he passed away on Boxing Day 2000 (another memorable Dec 26 for us). Just glad that we gave him longer than he probably would have got under previous ownership. By the way, he used to jump up, bark, and leap around to the theme music from "Ground Force" on TV!!!! :-D

14 Nov, 2009


You can get some very pretty wild life flowers, love the Hellebore and your wheelbarrow of ornimental cabbage , like the idea of the the topiary rosemary also Hughie cute.

14 Nov, 2009


Hee hee! :~))

14 Nov, 2009


Well may you laugh, Hen!!!!!!!! :-))

Many Thanks, Morgana!!! :-))

14 Nov, 2009


Yes I may!!! Hee hee!

14 Nov, 2009


Grea tBlog.........

15 Nov, 2009


Great again :o)
I like the idea of that rosemary topiary. I might try it sometime.

15 Nov, 2009


Many Thanks, Milky, Morgana and Holly!! :-)

Hi Hywel! I think that I might try this again, myself, next Spring. I always kept articles, etc., for garden DIY projects in a folder, too, and I still have it, although I'll never get round to actually doing most of them. :-)

15 Nov, 2009


Well it's nice to keep a note of things just in case, maybe one day you will get round to some of them.

15 Nov, 2009


Great to have kept such details David ..struggle to recall where I was living in 99 so really should take a leaf out of your book ..

15 Nov, 2009


Lovely blog:-)

15 Nov, 2009


Well, you never know, Hywel...... :-)

Bb - Just a pity I don't have photos of the birds and the nest box, but I did get it all on video. I should really try to dig those out and transfer onto DVD. :-)

Many Thanks, Bornagain. :-)

15 Nov, 2009


Another interesting blog with extracts from your diary.

I wish I'd known about the dog's hair earlier, now it's too late as our 5 little doggies have gone to the "Doggy heaven in the sky" as Elvis Priestly once sung. (I have the song on my computer & it, quite literally, brings tears to my eyes - & I'm not one for being emotional! We could have used the copious amounts of hair they shed.

I have had a couple of cone shaped hanging baskets on my balcony for years now & in the spring it's quite common to see the birds pulling out threads of the coconut fibre lining! They used to do the same with the other 5 round baskets, they all had coconut fibre liners till I changed them this year before filling them with Fuchsias. No, I didn't change them to stop the birds pulling out the fibre, I changed them because they were all breaking up & I couldn't use them another year.

17 Nov, 2009


That's interesting, Balcony, because same happened here one year. I had similar baskets and the lining got pulled to shreds, too!

18 Nov, 2009


Its my fencing they steal! Its rush matting type stuff!

18 Nov, 2009


I had some of that in my last garden, Marie and, yes, the birds took that, too!!

20 Nov, 2009


Lol! You did warn me they would!!

21 Nov, 2009


So I did, didn't I? Heeheee!!!! :-))

21 Nov, 2009


How you doing, stranger?

21 Nov, 2009


Hulloooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Phew - getting there, barely a mo to myself lately but, hopefully, things settling for a bit now. Christmas done and dusted (aren't I a smug so-an-so? :-))

21 Nov, 2009


Oh god, not another one! I'm dreading it this year!
My dads having his do on 13th!
I'm working Xmas, which'll be fun, it usually is!

22 Nov, 2009

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