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Building My Own "Chocolate Box" Planter (Part 2)


By david


The basic planter now just needed finishing touches.

The corners were made neat using angled beading, and the top and bottom each side with ornate beading (£3.98 for a 2.4metre/8ft length from B&Q).

I then added a narrow rim round the top edges, and stapled black rubbish bags all round the inside and bottom of the planter, making slits in the polythene, between the slats, for drainage.

The “feet” could have been made from anything (e.g wooden straps or wooden door knobs) but, as i want my planter to be portable, I attached castors.

The finished product then got a coating of some exterior woodstain, to seal the wood and metal pins.

I will use exterior wood paint to finish off the planter, but still haven’t decided on the colour(s) yet. The next project in the garden will be building a decked area, where this planter will be situated.

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The 'chocolate' box looks great, David. I hope you are proud of your handiwork. Look foward to seeing it planted up and in place on the decking.

28 Apr, 2009


Brilliant David you have done a great job building it.I think you are a budding carpenter in the making and should have you own buisness,you would make a fortune...

28 Apr, 2009


Great job, David. Do you have shares in B&Q ? Lol.

In the photo of the white castor, it looks like a giant wheel under your brown planter, sort of turning your planter into a huge wheelie bin. LOL.
Seriously, this is all coming along wonderfully.
Well done :o)

28 Apr, 2009


Tut do you rent yourself out? wish my hubby could do things like this!!!

28 Apr, 2009


this is brilliant you could make these to sell lots to be made from your talents

am now off to show hubby ...hint hint

x x

28 Apr, 2009


i like it as it is David...but maybe it could be cadburys purple or mint green or terrys

28 Apr, 2009


Many Thanks for all your kind comments.

Tt, you're not too wide of the mark with your "wheelie bin" comment. We got some large items delivered at work the other day, buried in polystyrene "beans". Have brought these home to use in this planter as drainage material. It'll keep the planter "lightweight" and moveable. When my daughter and I made our raised bed "meadow", we put in a lot of rubble, etc from the garden as drainage. So, in a way, we do have miniature landfill sites. :-)

A friend remarked that I could add brass handles, and be buried myself in it! With friends like :-)

Sewingkilla, I shall refrain from making any lewd comments about renting myself out, haha! Seriously, however, am just happy that some of you think that I could make and sell these. if only I had nothing else to do......:-)

Sandra, some great ideas here. We have seedlings of Coleus "Chocolate Mint" and Rudbeckia "Chocolate Orange" on the go, so some of these may well find their way into this planter. :-)

Mookins, Good Luck with your other half !! :-)

TIP :- If you make a similar planter, and it is going to sit permanently against a wall or fence, or in a corner, you only need to "decorate" the sides that will be showing, saving on time and money !

Well, the rain has stopped, so am going back outdoors now to, hopefully, finish my decking. Have a great day, whatever you're doing. :-)

29 Apr, 2009


Great job you've done there, David! I liked the finished product immensely!

Looking forward to seeing some photos of it planted up. :)

1 May, 2009


Many Thanx, Balcony!

Oh, and my red/white Amaryllis is in flower now. 9 blooms on two stems from one bulb. Will take its pic soon! :-)

2 May, 2009


Looking forward to seeing it soon! :) Unfortunately it doesn't look like I'll be getting any flowers this year! :'(

6 May, 2009


That's a real shame, Balcony - I wonder what happened? BTW, I've had to change my colour description to orange and white, as the red changed slightly. :-)

6 May, 2009


That's great David. Brilliant idea.
I just found some ACTUAL chocolate mint on ebay!!!

30 Jul, 2009


Hi Madperth.

You should be able to get chocolate mint easily in a garden centre. I got some last year, and now have several plants from it. Doesn't taste or smell at all like chocolate, though, just normal mint. :-(

30 Jul, 2009


Aww! I was looking forward to that!!
Maybe I should try to splice it with a chocolate cosmos!

30 Jul, 2009


Hmmm, you might get an interesting-looking plant there, lol! Still no choc scent or taste, though. Can give you some of both, though, if you want?

30 Jul, 2009


That would be fantastic, thank you!
I'll send you a pm with my address.

30 Jul, 2009


Hi David, I love your planter and am going to make a similar one for wall mounting. Can I ask you something please? Is the pine t&g long lasting? I thought pine isn't good wood to be used externally but I can't find treated t&g.



11 Oct, 2012


Very useful info, David, I might even have a go myself, never attempted woodwork tho so am a complete novice.
Would you use the same method using 1/2 round timber as this would be my chosen material but don't want the screw or nail heads to show?

4 Jul, 2015

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