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By cwoore


Can’t believe I never researched the company before buying from them, this company (Gardening Express) is unprofessional, has no customer etiquette and should have a warning sign attached to their home page.

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Like most I have had mixed experience with this company. Shrubs have always been good and well packed. I have had mislabled plants which once i spoke to someone was refunded. However there have been several plants, not particuarly rare that were very late in being delivered. I ended up cancelling that part of the order.
I spoke to the 'expert' who clearly knew very little about what he was talking about. Tried to blame the problems on micropropagation and why it didnt fit in with delivery times. When I probed a little deeper on the techniques used [as a biologist I was interested to hear about its use in the flesh] he couldnt tell me anything other than it was using microscopic bits of plant.

sorry you have had such a bad experience. what was the particular problem this time?

28 Jun, 2012


Sorry that you have had a problem, I ordered quite a lot of things from them early this year and I was a bit concerned as I had not read the reviews on here, but I must say in all honestly that my plants were superb, the descriptions,size, packaging and delivery were spot on. In fact I wrote a rather lengthy review on here as I thought they were great.

28 Jun, 2012

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