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What to do with an ugly shed window?


I’m trying to come up with a low cost way of disguising the ugly shed window. So far I’ve thought maybe hanging baskets or a climber (I’ve just bought a climbing ivy today which could go in front of the window and be trained to cover it). I’d be grateful of any ideas :)

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My husband has an interest in flags...vexillology as he keeps telling everyone...& we both have a close affinity with Devon ( he used to live there & I have many relatives there) he put the Devon flag in the shed window!
Soon to be replaced by the newly designed Dorset flag!

They work both as a curtain to stop passing tealeaves looking in to see what's worth stealing & also as a patriotic talking point!

Or how about one long window box?

26 Jul, 2009


Hi fluff :) we have been looking at long window boxes today , priced at least at £25, but at the minute we are a little short of money so are looking for a cheaper alternative - we may well take up your suggestion of a flag!

26 Jul, 2009


Is hub not handy Crafty? He could make a window box out of Pallets, there usually free.. Im still covering my shed windows, with an evergreen Clematis, Armandii..theres pics on my home page :)

26 Jul, 2009


I bought a flowery duvet cover ,cut it up and made a pair of curtains Crafty i have to say it looks the part,and it only cost me £5.My shed looks exactly like yours,so why not have a try.....:~)))))

26 Jul, 2009


daisydee you have a gorgeous garden, you must be very proud of it! the window box is an excellent idea!

Mobee - another great idea, now I'm spoilt for choice!

26 Jul, 2009


old curtains did for us. hubby drew the line at nets.

26 Jul, 2009


A mirror would look good too...
Thanks Craftyemma..

26 Jul, 2009


How about some 'sticky backed plastic', it's sold for windows as well as for books and shelves. It also looks like lace, and is easier to clean.

27 Jul, 2009


Many thanks for the continued replies :) I've taken inspiration from daisydee's Clematis and bought a Boston Ivy and some extending trellis, I hope to train the ivy to go up one side of the shed and across the top of the window so it hangs down. I can't wait to see the ivy turn red in autumn :D I'll post a pic when it's done, thanks again!

28 Jul, 2009


Boston Ivy, lovely, especially in autumn. But do be careful Emma when it get's growing as it tends to find it's way through very small gaps and into sheds /under roof felt etc!
I have many customers(I do gardening for my living) who have Boston Ivy and ,even more so, Virginia Creeper which gets into shed / garages/homes etc and they are a dveli to control once established and sendin out suckers!
Keep it trimmed and you should be ok.

2 Aug, 2009


Painting the glass with coloured paint looks like stained glass? window box underneath? hanging baskets either side? A row of sun flowers? have fun. Some of the members on here have painted them blue or green what about blue with white shutters?

16 Sep, 2009


Thanks for the tip Paul, I will certainly keep an eye on it!

DRC I love the stained glass and shutters idea :)

17 Sep, 2009


Yes I think you could make it look lovely and imagination neednt cost a lot.

17 Sep, 2009

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