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Oh boy am I sick of this!! Every time I try to blog, I get to the click publish bit and then it goes back to a blank page and I have to write it all again. Any ideas how to overcome it?
It’s a great gardening day, but not sure if I can get out there as next door is having the roof washed clean of moss, and getting sprinkled with mucky water is not my idea of fun. Terrible waste of water, a full day’s washing yesterday on the front now he’s round the back, we are in drought here in the east.

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You could write your blog in 'Word' and copy and paste it. At least you won't have to re-write the lot!

Do a 'contact us' and ask Peter & Ajay about the blank page - that doesn't sound right.

Please can I have some of your dry weather? We're having too much of the wet stuff at the moment. :-( You'll be out there with your umbrella, avoiding the moss, I'll be out there with mine, to try to keep dry!

21 Jun, 2011


You do sound out of sorts CD? I too have learnt to save my blogs first as they sometimes get lost when I try to publish.
Hope your drought comes to an end soon, we had no rain for 15 weeks but the last 2 weeks the rain is heavy and persistent, so I am suffering withdrawals because I cannot garden.

21 Jun, 2011


Oh that happens to me sometimes but very often the blog hasn`t gone completely and I find it in saved draft although it has shown a blank page, so worth checking next time, I don`t know why it happens..
Funny day here, cloudy and a slight drizzle in the air but would you believe the washing is actually drying, we were lucky it rained most of the night so all is looking fresh...

21 Jun, 2011


Total waste of water, they should no better! We have drought here..:((((

21 Jun, 2011


Countrydweller, are you clicking on 'Save and Preview' first because i suspect without 'Saving' it the page thinks you're clearing the text to start again ?

21 Jun, 2011


I have a problem with Blogs , the page 'Slips ' so that you have to scroll it back into position to carry on ,as soon as you reach where you left off it 'slips' again ,this only happens with long Blogs with photos , it will take a short one alright ,does anyone else have this problem ? it makes it hard work I've almost given up doing any except the shortest blogs !
We are still desperate for water here in Norfolk .......

21 Jun, 2011

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