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By clarice


I’ve just finished my last basket to put near my front door. I wondered if anyone was like me, i can spend hours in my back garden just pottering around, but the front garden, i keep it looking tidy, but i dont have the same interest in it like i do my back garden.

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I loved spending time in my old front garden. It was on a through road and people walking down to the village would often stop and chat. I enjoyed that, especially if the conversation was about the garden.
Now I live in a cul de sac and nobody passes. The front "garden" is just a small paved area anyway so I don't spend much time there.
I miss it.

18 May, 2008


im the same as you clarice, i just dont have as much interest in the from garden as i do in the back. i should really shame myself and post pics of the front garden , its an eyesore , but one of these days i will actually get out there and sort it. wudnt mind but its not big , in face its a tiny front garden

18 May, 2008


Our ftont gardens are 'open plan' so we can't really do much with them. Mine is mostly lawn with one conifer bed. I spend very little time out there. I love my back garden and can potter there for hours. I even enjoy weeding!

18 May, 2008


Oh ! I enjoy weeding. I think I have a sadistic streek in me. I love to uproot the weeds and leave them on the surface of the ground in hot weather, until they've shrivelled all up !

18 May, 2008


my god blodyn, im shocked at such cruelty lol, kidding i know exactly what you mean... i sprayed all the weeds that were coming up on the patio the other evening, nice to see them all dead today haha

18 May, 2008


Hi Clarice front garden borders road but people often stop to chat but yes back garden more secluded so gravitate there.

18 May, 2008

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