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8th may.


By clarice


Think everyone as been busy this last few days, a bit of sunshine makes me wont to do more in the garden. Yesterday i went on a coach trip round the lake district you know it is a beautiful part of the country im lucky i only live about 1hr drive away from it. but on the way back, the coach called at a big garden centre for a couple of hours to be honest its quite a big one, i could have spent a lot longer there, its called hayes garden centre, so if anyone is up in the north west im sure you would enjoy it. I got lots of diferant plants, but i got a nice selection of grasses, so all day i’ve been planting and cutting my lawn. Every year i keep saying im not getting any more plants, but every year i buy more, trouble is i always find a place to put them all in.

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I know the feeling well, Clarice! It's the 'Oh, that's nice - must have it' syndrome....Glad you had a good day.

8 May, 2008


sounds like you had a great day out.. think we are all the same,,, every week i say to myself no more plants, but somehow i always end up going to the garden centre just for a look i tell myself... i have yet to come out of the place empty handed , something always catches my eye

8 May, 2008


Hmmm - sounds like you've caught plantaholics disease. It's not fatal but can seriously damage your purse and there is no known cure :-)

8 May, 2008


lol aye i definitely have that disease

8 May, 2008


Wow Clarice you like a bus - sorry I ll re-phrase that - nothing for ages then two(blogs) turn up at once .Yes the Lake District is beautiful think my favourite Buttermere as remote small unspoilt by any form of human contact.Buttertubs is an amazing road which adds to joy of getting there.My only problem is that its located on wrong side of Pennines.You certainly getting the hang of this arent you. Well done.

8 May, 2008


Well I know that "plant" feeling. I brought so many plants from my old garden when I moved here, I don't know where I'm going to put them all, - yet I still buy more plants wherever I go ! Some say I'm mad, but I don't think so. What else is there to buy ?

9 May, 2008

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