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You know i’ve only been learning to use a laptop for a short time, mind you i still find it hard to do, and i have been on this grow on you for only a couple of weeks. but until yesterday and i mentioned wild birds in my garden, i thought i was only talking to people in the U K but then i find out im getting messages from other countries, as someone mention bears in their garden.

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Hi Clarise, there are folk from all over the world on this site, i am from ireland and i have seen blogs and photo's from loads of different countries . Imagine bears in your garden wow. we certainly dont have problems like that .

27 Apr, 2008


Clarice just goes to show how great this internet thingy is! It's brilliant hearing about other gardeners and what they are getting up to in their plots from all around the

27 Apr, 2008


Don't let it worry you - just remember that 'www' at the beginning of every website address means 'World wide web' so people from all over the globe can access this site too! I find it interesting and exciting that I can 'chat' to people at the other side of the world who love gardening too.

27 Apr, 2008


Hi Clarice, Looks to me like you're doing very well with your lap top. I was the member who mentioned bears in the garden. Thank God we don't see them often. The last sighting was two summers ago in the back yard of a house two houses away from me. As more and more land gets developed, they are closer to us. Spritz is so right. It is VERY interesting to come into this site and see what gardeners from all over this planet are doing. Plants may differ from country to country but gardening itself is the same no matter where you live. Happy Gardening !

28 Apr, 2008


This is developing into a very interesting site as folks from all over the world are joining the gardening community and sharing ideas. Its very exciting that we can learn from each other in this way.Good luck with your garden Clarice, and best wishes from Grenville and Alan.
(We also totally agree with all the previous members comments.Also, we all get along so well, and gardeners tend to be like that.)

28 Apr, 2008

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