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The other day a few of you asked about my bird feeders, i get them from The Garden Bird Supplies, i had a leaflet sent to me a few years ago, their bird feeders are no diferent in price to any other bird supplies, i made a point of getting some good feeders, because those cheap feeders i was always throwing seed etc away with it getting wet, also the feeders come to bits so i can give them a good wash, the fat cakes where what i make, ho the fat balls i get from wilkinsons they are £6 for 50. As for there being no birds on the feeders is because i only learn’t out to us a diggy camera this summer, and i only bought a cheap one, but now i’m learning abit better i could do with a better one, so i can get closer to them, without them flying off.

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It will be interesting if you let us know which birds come visiting you this winter. Please keep us posted. Thanks.:o)

7 Nov, 2008


Hi Clarice know that you love your birds visiting and dont worry too much about photos as not easy to photo without quality kit.

As your birds get tamer they will come closer - blackbirds now sit and wait for fruit when they used to fly off , hence some of my closer shots.The best shots of robins are the increasingly tame ones that become used to human contact.

Squirrel used to run off but now waits - those beautiful hummingbird shots taken as they will feed of porches and come real close.

So keep feeding and as they get used to you youll get closer and your pics better ! Can almost get on top of goldfinches as they so used to being fed .

7 Nov, 2008


I used to feed birds in the other garden and I had some cheap feeders that fall apart. It pays to get something of good quality if you want it to last.

8 Nov, 2008


TT the birds that come in my garden are coldfinches, sparrows, blue tits, cold tits, great tits, a robin, and Mr & Mrs blackbird, & loads & loads of starlings luckly the starlings only come in winter, well i get a few of them in summer, but mostly all the other birds come all year round, & BB i've been feeding the birds for a few years now, but i still think i need a bit better camera, as when i took the photo's of the feeders i was nearly on top of them, i can take better photo's with my ordinary camera, when i said my diggy camera was cheap i really mean cheap, as i did'nt know i'd get into this taking photo's so much as i have, i think it was one of the cheapest argos do.

8 Nov, 2008


Wow Clarice ~
Sounds like you get a really good variety of birds.
Thanks for letting me know. I put a new feeder up last week and I'm hoping for more bird visitors as soon as the weather gets a bit colder. :o)

8 Nov, 2008

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