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Dont know what to call this blog.


By clarice


Since last sunday after i went to my friends opening day at his allotment, i’ve lots of problems with my sinus’s it affects my ears, gives me terible headaches, its like alot of preasure( if i spelled it right)in your ears,nose & head, then i could’nt for the life of my sign back in to GOY but manage it after a while, then to top it all up, when i got up this morning someone had put a brick throw my front room windows, then when i went in my front garden next doors windows have been done aswell, sorry have to go police just pulled up on front.

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There are lots of people here on GOY thinking of you today, I'm sure.
All the best for sorting out these problems quickly. Take care!

30 Aug, 2008


Hope the police catch who did that, such a terrible thing to wake up to and you not feeling well either, take care Clarice

30 Aug, 2008


Awww Clarice, you poor thing. I hope the police can be of some help and help you sort out getting your window fixed too. Are you still frightened? Is there somebody who can come and be with you?
So sorry that you are haivng to go through all that, especially when you are feeling under the weather.
Lynne x

30 Aug, 2008


Oh Clarice - that's a dreadful experience you've had. I hope you're feeling a bit better about it now the Police have been. Is there anyone with you? I do hope your sinus trouble clears up soon, too. Hugs. XX

30 Aug, 2008


Clarice that is awful,,,, mindless thugs and thats me being polite, i wont say the name i really could call them on here.
i hope your feeling better and the police were able to help. huggggssss

30 Aug, 2008


Oh Clarice ,I,m so sorry - what is wrong with people today , ? It,s so upsetting to hear these things . let us know how you get on , and I hope you will be feeling better soon . take care hugsss x

30 Aug, 2008


Thinking of you Clarice!

30 Aug, 2008


OH ! Clarice, how awful for you. There are so many stupid yobs about aren't there. I can't understand why on earth anyone would want to do such a thing.
I really hope they catch the culprits. They need to learn some lessons in how to respect others I think.
Hope your sinuse trouble is better aswell. Take care now.
All the best, Hywel

31 Aug, 2008


Sorry about your problems, some drunken lout. Don't let them get to you.


31 Aug, 2008

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