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I went for a walk round my mates allotment this mourning, all the veg on the gardens look really well, a lot of themhave loads of tomatoes on there plants. On the allotments they have a really big pond, or should i say they usually have one with ducks, and lots of wild life round it.Because most of the gardens get water logged, they decided to make it so all the water of the gardens drained into a pond, but when i got there the pond was dry, no ducks to see. But they were all saying we have’nt had no rain here for quite a while.Infact i’ve just cut my lawn and there are quite a few brown patches. I thought it was going to rain abit ago there was loads of big black clouds, but all we got was afew odd spots, we are suppose to have rain most of the day tomorrow, so if it does it should do the gardens good. I dont know us gardeners get fed up when it never stops raining and when it does’nt rain for a while we hope it does rain to do the gardens good.

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It seems we're never satisfied Clarice. We've had heavy showers here today but the air is warm and the rain just dries up as soon as it falls.

17 Jun, 2008


same here Bloydn, heavy showers this afternoon, but still warm.

17 Jun, 2008


Supposed to rain over the next few days - garden needs it!

17 Jun, 2008


Well its rain most of the night & all this mourning, been out and the garden looks really well for it, you are right Bloydn we are never satisfied with the weather, but us brits like to moan.

18 Jun, 2008

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