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as iv only been a member of g.o.y for a couple of weeks i thought i’d write my 1st blog on the state of my garden. when we moved in just over 3 years ago it was just a lawn with gravel down either side. though as my joy of gardening has developed i found i was running out of space to put plants. so upto now i have moved gravel from one side & dug a bed while shaping the edge of the lawn rather than keeping it straight. work in progress as the title states. theres still plenty of plants in pots but the majority of these are peppers/chillis. then the herbs are all in pots but i need to practice my bricklaying skills with the blocks i dug up to make my herb garden. still deciding what to put in the old watering can. any ideas are welcome???

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You be suprised at how many plants you can fit into a small space I put climbers at the back clematis to go up the fences then put half baskets with cup hooks in between on the fence then in front of the clematis s I put broom, Rhododendrons and Azlias.Hostas, hardy Fuchsia Aquilegia and to cover the ground to prevent weeds Aubresia my space is as big as what yours is there covered with slabs except the broom which is on the other side of my garden. With your watering can why not place a hanging fuchia and trailing lobelia or geranium or even Aubresia as that cascades .and hang it from the fence

16 Jun, 2009


thanks for the post morgana. given me a couple of ideas. already have a clematis which iv put into the bed on the right hand side of the garden today.project still ongoing & can see it being that way for a few years yet. my other half just come home with 2 canary palms which i'll have to work out where to site them.

16 Jun, 2009


Hi Chris and welcome to GoY you are now hooked :o)) but seriously you put just whatever takes your fancy in the watering can, so long as they are not too large a plant, I'd say some borders then you can change them every year, I have an old pair of my workboots planted up with miniature daffs and at the moment, now the daffs have finished I have some seeds growing. Have a look at some pictures Cazydi has on her homepage she has got a lot of watering cans and it looks great.

16 Jun, 2009


hi bob. thanks for the welcome. going to have to have a browse at cazydi's homepage now. got an old pair of boots i was considering doing something with myself. ;-)

16 Jun, 2009


Hi I have put pansys in my watering can. But its what ever takes your fancy, Welcome to GOY

16 Jun, 2009


hi donnah. thanks for the welcome. getting a few of them. also getting a few ideas about the watering can too. at that this blogs only been going for about 3 hours.

16 Jun, 2009


Hi Chris, and welcome from me too :)
Well...what to put in the watering can? I'd be spoilt for choice...though I would probably plant it for seasonal colour. Mini daffs and pansies would look great for winter/spring, then maybe choose from lobelia, petunias, geraniums, bacopa, verbena, fuchsias etc for summer...
As long as it's got drainage holes in the base, then anything goes... :)
Good luck with your's looking great already !

16 Jun, 2009


There you go Chris I knew Di would come up trumps maybe it could be painted too like the ones on barges I love those.

16 Jun, 2009


just started shaping the left hand side today. removing gravel & weed control fabric. just means more gravel & concrete slabs which the previous owner had kindly buried underneath it are stuck at the bottom of the garden. :-[

20 Jun, 2009


You could put water in the watering can. oh, sorry have I misundestood????!!! I wa salways a little slow. Nice blog, look forward to updates in future!

1 Jul, 2009


lol. its got water in it at the moment. just with being stood there. looking to add a bit of colour to it tho.... :0)

5 Jul, 2009

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