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Has anyone else who likes photography come across this? Two places I have visited recently have sprouted notices saying that whilst photography is allowed, any commercial use of the photos must receive permission from them (and I imagine payment)
I have been visititing these particular places for about 25 years and have photos dating back many years before these notices appeared.So far I haven’t made any commercial use of them but I might want to at some time. Has anyone else visited gardens displaying this sort of notice? Actually I’m not even sure if I can remember where they were all taken! If this is going to happen wherever one visits,it will make things very difficult.

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I've visited a couple of Yellow Book gardens that have a 'no photographs at all' policy. This is also annoying as there is no warning in the Yellow Book - I have e-mailed their Head Office and suggested it might be included for next year to prevent aggravation

24 Oct, 2008


I was told to ask permission of the owners before taking any photos - because photos of one or two NGS gardens had been used for Calendar pictures with no acknowledgement to the owners/gardeners! I can quite see that they would be annoyed. (Nobody had any objection, BTW)

24 Oct, 2008


Everybody wants to make a buck where ever they can I guess.

24 Oct, 2008


Interestingly, I often see greeting card photos or maybe on a calendar where no idea at all is given of where the cottage garden/woodland/coastline etc is - I find that annoying. Sometimes acknowledgement is really important, whether money comes into it or not.
It's ok, I'm not trying to accuse you of exploiting others' gardens! I reckon Tasteyg is right probably, and that also now there is in general less consideration shown - a lot of people wouldn't think of asking permission. Very good idea Andrew has re suggesting that Yello Book entrants who mind photography could have a symbol to avoid upset.

24 Oct, 2008


Alan is a professional photographer, and there is the issue that the photographer technically 'owns' the photos and the copyright if they are to be printed or published, and this is normally done by means of a signed agreement or contract.

When folks come to our N.G.S garden they always ask for permission to take photos, and we are happy for them to do so providing they are not for publication, reproduction or their own financial gain.

N.G.S owners can always display a sign stating 'No photography' if choose to do so.

On page 59 of the 2008 N.G.S 'Yellow book' it states:
'Where taken at a garden opening photographs must not be used for sale or reproduction without prior permission of the owner'

It's just a matter of courtesy, and we always check and ask for permission before we take any photos of other owners gardens.We have on several occasions been asked to sign a 'contract' when professional photographers have taken photos of our garden, and they have been published. Afterwards, we have asked them for permission to use them in our publicity, and we always acknowledge their work.

24 Oct, 2008


The places I have visited recently where notices have only just appeared included an RHS garden and an Arboretum

24 Oct, 2008


Seems like another example of the over-regulation of the world. I can see the point if it's a private garden, or if the picture takes advantage of private effort - landscaping etc, but not if it's a picture of a plant, and not if it's in a public place. Perhaps I'm too naive, and old-fashioned!

25 Oct, 2008


Hi Readejahn,
There is a parallel here with the illegal copying of music or art and there are many similarities.
In the case of garden photographs it's done to protect the owner of the garden and the photographer who takes the photos. The photographer may then wish to copy, reproduce or publish them and make money from them.
Sometimes a professional photographers work is copied, sold on, and then published without the photographers permission. This also happens with photographs taken by amateur photographers.

That is unfair and unscrupulous.

It's a similar situation with music being copied illegally and the musicians loose out on any royalties or commissions.

When you download any photos on 'Grows On You' you will also see a written warning on the bottom of the photos download page. It reminds you to ensure that the photos being published on this site are 'unrestricted' and are not covered by copyright.

25 Oct, 2008


Earlier this year we had a knock on the door by a photographer from the Yorkshire Tourist Board asking to take a pic of our cottage.

It wasnt used but it did inspire me to get the front painted so some good can come of it !

25 Oct, 2008


I understand all about copyright, I'm a musician. I still think there's too much regulation everywhere and too little common sense any longer.

25 Oct, 2008

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