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Hi Carolynen here
over the time it has taken Antler Homes to destroy the wildlife habitats I have tried everything I can think of;
The Bat Groups various apparently our Bats were common bats so I am afraid there was nothing much to be done – apparently
Antler Homes had planning permission to knock the Rectory down so they did.
We live in a conservation area so many of the trees already have tree preservation orders. But the common British willow ect don’t. So they did what they liked I believe.
Then when they flooded the land for months on end this destroyed many of the small animal habits. Indeed I believe the flooding of the land was the cause of trees coming down in both our garden and our neighbours garden 18 year old trees in which many birds built nests to rear their young. This was around the time of the winds a couple of years ago. Our village was not affected. However
I believe Antler Homes and their tame tree man said the wind brought the trees down. It cost over £1000 to have the trees attended to. Antler Homes denied responsibility. It was curious that these trees came down given the place they were in I am at a loss to understand how the wind did it! We were lucky no one was killed. Then we had the weedkiller which I believe did for the toads what they used they would not say although they admitted to using weedkiller. It must have been leathal as it killed offf the ground elder! Antler Homes have done similiar things in other places. The Planning Dept does nothing I even tried to sue them for the damage and was left with a bill of £3,250 approx
I have photos but believe me if they get planning permission I believe they do what they like. After all little animals, birds, butterflies don’t talk,complain or buy houses do they?

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How terrible. I have sympathy for you and the trouble you have had. Most people don't realize the effect that removing habitat can have. So unfortunate!

21 Nov, 2008


aww carolyen, i wish there was something i could say, but im at a loss for words at the terrible damage this company have done

21 Nov, 2008


I have clicked on 'I like this blog' to give my support to the sentiments expressed therein, what a dreadful experience.

30 Nov, 2008

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