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Friday the 6th March 2009 I adopted an allotment.

Well I say an allotment it’s a patch of field behind some houses that hasn’t been dug for 20 years.

I intended to get an allotment later in the year when I had finished getting my back garden in order, but I heard they were going quite fast so thought I had better get a move on and sort one out now.

The plot is about 6 yards by 8 yards and is costing me the princly sum of £15.00 per year. I have asked for the plot next to it as well so that I can put soft fruit bushes on one piece and my veggies on the other piece.

Sunday 15th March
Dad had a bad turn early in the week and ended up in hospital. Better now but this meant I didn’t get down the allotment to make a start until today. I have been given half a bag of onion sets and I know I need to get them in quite quickly now.

Today I have dug a patch big enough for my onions, Its about 3 meters by 1.5 meters. The soil sems to be really good and looking at the other allotments around me once it is dug it does break up really nicely.

I have been skimming the grass of the top before digging and have used the sods to build a little compound in the corner to store all the debris that is comming out.

I have also pegged down a tarpaulin at the opposite end. I know I wont get down again until next week end so hopefully that will make that patch a lot easier to dig.

Dad has promised to let me have his large cultivator when he comes down for easter so until then it will be a good start if I can dig a patch each weekend as big as the tarpaulin. (Approx 3 by 2m)

I brought down a camping chair, flask of coffee and some bananas to keep me going. I lasted about 3 hours – not too bad for the first attempt and I started off my compost heep with the banana skins

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Sounds like you have made a good start Canoequeen. Well done and welcome to GoY. I am looking forward to further installments of your progress. :o)

22 Mar, 2009


Good luck with your alotment. It will be interesting to watch it develop. Please post updates.
Welcome to GoY aswell.

22 Mar, 2009

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