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My little Peppa


By bren


Had the blood results from the vets today,concerning my seal point siamese,Peppa,not good news,he has kidney problems.I don,t understand the vets terminology.But “normal” levels of urea in the blood is 2.5 to 9.9 and Peppas is 30.2.
So he is to go on “a white diet” chicken,fish,turkey and rice ,we don,t mind he is a cracking little cat.

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Sorry to hear about Peppa. I hope he'll be ok. It's such a worry when a pet gets ill. You can't explain it to them and in a way it makes me feel helpless. We have to trust in what the vets tell us I think.

30 May, 2008


Thanks Blodyn,he has lost so much weight,and when you pick him up there is nothing there,It seems he weighs virtually nothing.We are taking him back on Monday to have him accurately weighed,and then again in a month to see if his"white diet" is working

30 May, 2008


I hope his white diet works cant b bad chicken fish and turkey he'll love that! sending my love n hugs for you and Peppa!! xx

30 May, 2008


aw bren sorry to hear about peppa, let us know how he gets on with his special diet.

30 May, 2008


Thankyou to everybody,I have put a photo of him on my site,one taken today, and one from a few months ago.
Thanks again everybody

30 May, 2008


Hi Bren
Sorry its not good news about peppa, but i do have to say when smokey,had those injections on wednesday,he seems alot better yesterday & today his eyes look brighter, & he seems more like his old self, i know the injection will were of. But today i have been talking to a woman on the bus today,& her cat as got the same problem, he as had it for over 2yrs,she was saying that she takes him approx once amonth to the vet for his injection and they weigh him every time,she said she can tell when he is ready for his injection,then when he as had it he's fine again for another month.

30 May, 2008


Poor little Peppa, and poor you, Bren. It's awful when pets are ill. I send you hugs and good wishes. Hope she'll be OK.

30 May, 2008

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