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By bren

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Was out on the garden early this morning, determined to improve my fernery(started last year) its in a very shady and very dry corner of my garden.Dry, because there is a 30 ft larch growing there.So this morning I shallow dug it as best I could,the larch roots are everywhere.Incorparated compost and watered and dug up some more ferns shuttlecocks and Osmundas.from round the garden and dug up loads and loads of wild violets,
and a question. can I put Asarums under here as well.Are they a woodland plant

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Yes, they are woodland plants - but for moist humus-rich soil, so your situation doesn't sound too promising, I'm afraid. I am also fearful for the Osmundas which prefer damp conditions...

13 May, 2008

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