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Somerset Snow


Living just one mile from the sea it was such a suprise to see so much snow this year.
It froze all the epiphyllums I had put in the potting shed ready to repot but as I usually keep 2 of each variety it wasnt a total disaster as the rest were keeping warm in the greenhouses with the Clivias.
I was able to spend time working on my Daylily website for 2011 ( which always seems to take ages but the enforced incarceration made things go much more speedily.
This year I tried my luck with growing some from seed so will have a fair wait to see if any of my seedlings look good. I had a 95% result from my USA seeds which was pretty good.
Unfortunately Daylilies are quite addictive as there are now so many beautiful forms & types with frilly edges, coloured eyes & edges and spidery ones.
Lets all hope that we will be blessed with a really good Summer this year. Roll on Spring so that we can get gardening again.

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Shame about your epiphyllums, so many things have suffered with the cold haven't they, I have quite a few large shrubs including two lovely pittospurum which look dead, have to wait till spring to see if they recover.
I have quite a few hemerocallis too(agree they can be very addictive), including a couple I bought from you last autumn, at least all my collection looks ok,they're pretty tough aren't they, did mulch my newer ones.
Don't forget to post some piccies when your seedlings flower, know it'll be 2 or 3 years yet but be interesting to see :-)

11 Jan, 2011


That's a lovely photo, but Brrrr . . .

11 Jan, 2011


Sorry to hear about your epiphyllums. I lost all my Schlumbergeras because the cold weather came much earlier and colder than usual. I'm glad you had duplicates.

11 Jan, 2011


love the picture, love daylily and will be taking a look at your web site! :-)

11 Jan, 2011


A very good developing website - well done.
You might, over time, like to consider developing the search aspect, so that folk can seek plants in colour, size of flower, height etc, as with so many pages, it would become quite an arduous task plowing through the contents in search of plants over 50" for example. The ability to navigate a site efficiently is an oft neglected afterthought. Good luck.

12 Jan, 2011


Wow I've just had a look at your updated website botanicalady, yet more for my wishlist:-) could happily spend all day looking at your lovely daylilies, they're all stunning, so many new varieties, do you buy them direct from the USA? or from members of the BHHS.

12 Jan, 2011


Hi Simbad, Thank you so much for your kind comments.
Its always so difficult to know which Daylilies to buy from the American Daylily Specialists,the choice is vast.
I have a number of USA growers which over the years have become friends & it is from these that I buy as they supply me with tried & tested field grown plants.
Unfortunately it is now becoming difficult to import these into the UK & yet friends of mine on the continent, seem to find it easier even though we are all in the EU.
It may be of interest to fellow gardeners to hear some of the regulations which are now in operation, hence the difficulties. Growers in USA have to pay for 3 separate inspections of their nursery in a period of over 90 days. The cost of these inspections is in excess of $100 & the authorities even charge $25 to send the phyto certificate to them. The importer then pays for the phyto, together with shipping costs & in some cases, a further inspection over here. As I only buy the newer varieties from the USA, making the right choice of bloom is important.

12 Jan, 2011


Oh wow Botanicalady just looked at your updated website for this year, fabulous daylilies yet again, I'm spoiled for choice and have a list as long as my arm,which I must whittle down, or hubby'll have a heart attack,lol, so pleased with all the ones I've had from you so far as you can see from my avatar 'Applique' is a real favourite followed closely by 'Lurch', in fact just love them all, 'Watchyl Lavender Blue' is a fabulous colour and couldn't believe the size of the flowers on 'Watchyl Digital Scream', stunning,even 'Sanford Star Search' tried its hardest to flower in December!!!!! one to look forward to this year, so thankyou :-))

10 Feb, 2012


Hi Simbad, So pleased that your purchases are doing well & you are pleased with them.
I managed to get some from Nan Wilkerson last Spring & they flowered wonderfully in spite of the miserable Summer. I also managed to obtain some Topguns which are very hardy & flowered their heads off, must put some more photos on for folk to see.
With the mild months in late Autumn I got a lot done outside that otherwise would have waited until Spring.
No snow so far thank goodness but very cold here.
Many thanks for your kind words. S

11 Feb, 2012

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