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thank you all for the warm welcome


Hope I’m in the right place for writing this? Haven’t been on again as much as usual cos been back to the doctors and have more anti-bitotics and steroids! Am starting to pull round I think at last.

Anyway, I hope to get seeding next week. Will try to get pics posted this week too, certainly managed to post the one of Joyce easily enough so fingers crossed.

This is my 3rd year of gardening and although I may still know very little I love it.

Thanks again for your welcome and yes you will get (stupid) questions from me, lol.


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Hello Chatterbox
How is Joyce ?
Everything seems better with the spring flowers out.
Good to know your health is improving. :o)
Good luck with putting photos on GoY.
Message me if you have any trouble with your pictures, and I'll try to help. xx

4 Mar, 2009


Thank you Terratoonie. It certainly seems like I'll get the help here, you shouldn't offer you know - you'll be unindated, lol.

Unfortunately, apart from the snowdrops (lucky present from the birds I think) I don't have much showing apart from ...
some roses on a bush that I bought (cheap) last year I think & they have just stayed on all through this horrible winter????
some marigolds(?) growing in pots that must have self seeded.

Can't wait to get going again - in fact joining this site in getting me going again! Tomorrow we have more hospital visits but Friday is looking good, so may well see the window sills taken over.

Joyce is well, thank you, although starting to show her age.


4 Mar, 2009


GOY does have that effect, I find. I see other people's work in their gardens and it spurs me on!

I hope your health improves and that your hospital visits are not too tiring.

4 Mar, 2009


sorry to hear that all is still not fully right. hope you have a good day on friday.
and i look forward to your questions as it makes you think and when you read other peoples comments you also learn alternative ways of doing things.

4 Mar, 2009


Hi Chatterbox....I'm sorry to hear you are still having health problems. Hopefully, the weather will clear and get warm soon and you will be able to get outside more...It will do you a world of good I'm sure. :o)

5 Mar, 2009


Don't worry about ( stupid ) questions. I've asked plenty of them and probably will ask more. Well that's how we learn things isn't it. We can't know things unless we're inquisitive and try to find out - and one way of finding out is to ask questions.
I hope you'll be better soon . Take care,
All the best, Hywel.

5 Mar, 2009


Thanks all. I'm still not too sure about the amount of light coming in the windows i.e. hardly any, but I've decided to definately do a few.

had another look at the 'marigolds' today, doh! They're definately not marigolds i just can't think of the name?? Oh, yes I can - I think they're pansies of some sort. Lots of leaves but only one brave flower so far!


5 Mar, 2009


Hello Borrowers, Hope you(chatterbox) are soon well enough to get out and sow some seeds etc. And welcome from a new boy to GOY. I only joined in January but already I'm getting hooked. It's that sort of site if you like gardens , pets and wildlife etc.

5 Mar, 2009

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