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This fell over in the wind! I nearly cried !

One geranium pot broke and branches broke off, my lil lily top snapped off, some plants had damged leaves.

I suppose it looked worse than it was with soil and leaves everywere, luckily the OH and my s-in law were around to help clear up.

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Oh I know that feeling Boo, I`m watching as the rest of my lovely Delphiniums get destroyed in the wind and rain, not a lot I can do about it though, we are still luckier than others, our gardens will recover a lot quicker than all those wet homes in the flooded parts...

16 Jun, 2012


So sorry B'smum, but not to worry, it all looks fine now. These little greenhouses are awful in the wind. I had to tie mine to the fence when I moved here...and the wind just ripped off all the plastic cover, so that was a complete waste of time....quite funny though in a way! It's absolutely awful isn't December here today...really awful. HOpe it gets better soon for all of us. Tomorrow it should be much better in the big part of the UK...perhaps not too good for us, but honestly, how much worse can it get in June? ;)

16 Jun, 2012


That's a shame just don't expect it in June!!!
Have seen many of those little plastic GHs floating about in the wind.
One of my neighbours buys herself a new one every year....I think after the first couple of years I would have given up!
Pleased you were able to get help in sorting it out.

16 Jun, 2012


I'm not joking.......Its grim out there and the longest day next week.........:0(

16 Jun, 2012


It's so annoying when this sort of thing happens :o( I hope there will be no more damage in your garden. Perhaps summer will return soon :o)

16 Jun, 2012


I shouldve known better, I stopped using it as a GH ages ago but used it to keep pots out of doggies' way.

Thanks for all your comments folks :))

Sick to death of this weather.

Yea Karen, a bit better tomorrow, going out for a Fathers Day lunch with OH and daughter and son-in-law ( via a GC ;))

Lincs, yea shouldnt grumble really. On a good note I have got 2 geranium cuttings!

16 Jun, 2012


:( Same thing happened to mines a few years ago, and I never replaced it, but I have conservatory I can use.....need to try and figure out some sort of anchoring system.Mini doodles playhouse got lifted and broken to bits by the winds too - but no breaks or cracks just to slot the pieces back together x hope the weather improves soon and your damaged plants make a come back xxxxxx

16 Jun, 2012


bloody load of cr*p aren't they Magna?, I have a glass greenhouse but I wanted everything to be kept outside, anyways not too much damage done xxx

16 Jun, 2012


oh no how awful, glad you had help to tidy up..

16 Jun, 2012


Thanks Mad :))

16 Jun, 2012

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