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It will be National Conifer Week from 3rd – 11th October 2009
Hello peeps, I’m posting this because a previous blog about National Conifer Week posted by Greenfingers2 was quickly deleted after I submitted what was possibly a not too helpful comment. Anyway this is my attempt to try and make amends for any offence I may have caused.
Many garden centres will be highlighting conifers as their ‘Plant of the month’ with eye catching displays to showcase the many varieties of conifers available.
Most conifers can provide structure in any garden setting, especially in winter.
The diversity of form, texture, and colour is probably unmatched by any other group of plants. With careful selection they can be used as single specimens to spectacular effect, or combined to contrast with other plants such as deciduous trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses. They are excellent choices for containers, and the very dwarf and miniature varieties are extremely suitable for alpine, scree, and trough gardens.

For more information go to Association of British Conifer Growers

Most of the plants shown should be available from all good garden centres.

Thuja occidentalis ‘Franky Boy’

Clockwise, Taxus cuspidata ‘Nana’, Thuja occidentalis ‘Rheingold’,
and Podocarpus laurencei ‘Kilworth Cream’.

Juniperus squamata ‘Blue Carpet’, Good colour, and one of the best ground covering conifers available

Cryptomeria japonica ‘Sekkan’ (sugi) wonderful creamy-white colour
all year.

Close up detail of the new candles emerging in spring on this slow growing ornamental pine.
Pinus jeffreyi ‘Joppi’

Again, close up showing the texture and detail of a new shoot emerging in spring from a Picea mariana ‘Aureovariegata’

Cupressus glabra ‘Sulpherea’

Conifers with cones in early summer – Picea abies ‘Acrocona’ and Abies koreana ‘Silberlocke’

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This is useful - thanks Bluey! It is a shame conifers get such a bad press as I think they are wonderful and very versatile plants. There are some fantastic shapes and colours which most gardeners can make good use of - love that red cone! :)

27 Sep, 2009


Hi Lyntit, yes, you are correct, conifers have had a bad press for some years now, and it's about time that changed. Used correctly they are perfect for todays urban gardens - that red spruce cone is good isn't it :0)

27 Sep, 2009


Great photos, Bluespruce! I'd much rather be able to see them planted in your wonderful garden than in pots at the GC, though! One day, one day......:-))

27 Sep, 2009


Just curiousity, but who designates these weeks? They occur for all kinds of things don't they? Even grand-parents.
However, I agree that there is infinite variety in conifers and as your garden shows, planted properly they are really beautiful. Do you think the ubiquitous Lleylandii created a bit of a backlash against conifers in general.
In Norfolk there is also a lovely conifer garden at Bressingham created by a father and son team, Allan and Adrian Bloom. Have you ever seen it?

27 Sep, 2009


You are right Mad anyone can designate a day or week and if they have money to spend it can take off too. Look at Mothers Day which used to be Mothering Sunday then they added Fathers Day wont be long before there is a someone unrelated Day?
We went To Bressingham Mad but I think it became to commercial although the gardens are lovely. I grow several conifers for their beauty not for their size I especially appreciate them in winter.

27 Sep, 2009


Bluespruce I looked at joining the Association of british conifer growers but it seemed its small membership is mostly for producers of conifers? I like conifers and grow several but it is only a small part of what I like to grow I suppose its that old thing of not wanting your favorite meal every day?

27 Sep, 2009


Thanks Barbara - just let me know when you want to visit - you are more than welcome - tea and cake for special people :0)

Mad - I think the Association of British Conifers Growers are now under the HTA -Horticultural Trades Association, so I think they set the dates in conjunction with the major garden centres. I certainly don't think the Lleylandii issue helped at all. Yes, I've visited Bressignham for many years and agree it has got rather too commercial since it lost its independence several years ago.

DRC - yes, it would be best to join the British Conifer Society which is mainly for individual enthusiasts. It's a young society and needs to recruit as many members as it can get!

27 Sep, 2009


There was a craze, in the 70s, for conifer and heather gardens (low maintenance was the 'in' thing at that time).
After a few years, everyone got bored with it and I think that is when the anti conifer thing started. But as with all things, fashions go in cycles so I'm sure they will make a comeback some day

27 Sep, 2009


Would you do me a big favour seeing it's conifer week soon ???and have a look at my Thuja" Rheingold"as someone pointed out that it might have windburn but i'm not sure.You'll find it in "my Garden"Hope you can put me right on this problem :o((

27 Sep, 2009


well these pics certainly make me re-think my thoughts on conifers.
These are very pretty.

I live in norfolk cant think where Vressingham is but will def have a gander now

x x x

27 Sep, 2009


I've been meaning to get some conifers for my garden. I had some where I previously lived. I agree with what you say about them

27 Sep, 2009


Bressinghams is at Diss I think

27 Sep, 2009


Moonkins, Bressingham is as Andrew says Diss, or very near to Diss, on the Thetford, Diss road. The gardens are still not too bad, but the plant center is just run of the mill IMO, and certainly not what it used to be when the Bloom family owned it.

27 Sep, 2009

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