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Well, it seems that spring has finally found her way. The plants are springing to life; shoots starting to present themselves above the soil and the pond is host to a whole neighbourhood of pond critters.

Spotted some water beetles, a few snails and lots of tiny Daphnea all swimming about. Noodle was very interested in the critters, even getting his tail wet didn’t put him off lol.
Finally got round to repotting the dwarf lily too. It’s been so nice pottering about in the garden. Hope everyone else has enjoyed the clear weather today too.

Noodle catching the rays. He doesn’t mind getting wet!

I rescued this rather wet little chap from the pond and Noodle.

The first ladybird in my garden :)

Happy Easter to you all

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Hi Bluebell, Noodle has a right grumpy look on his face, our Caspar is a British Blue and always has the same look, makes me smile to see them..
Nice pics, pleased you are enjoying the garden...

4 Apr, 2015


Hi, I tried ages to get it to focus Snoop and that's on my phone camera. I'm not the greatest at micro photography lol but Thx for that nice comment :)

Lincslass - he is always looking grumpy lol. Is Casper very blue? Noodle is going lighter by the day now. I love his stripes and spots.
Have you guys been in the garden today? :) Hope it's clear again tomorrow. ☀️

4 Apr, 2015


Lovely cat, and the insect pics are good too. I haven't seen a shield bug for ages but the odd ladybird is up and about and I saw a butterfly today!

4 Apr, 2015


Thanks Steragram, the apple tree is usually full of them crawling about. I've not seen one with that colouring before though, only the light green shade ones. I do love entomology. I wanted to study it but fell into education instead. I do however love my job and it's fun educating the little ones.

5 Apr, 2015


It's been a gorgeous day here too, ladybirds are everywhere!! they've been hibernating in the window frames,lost count of how many I've put outside today.
Noodles is lovely maybe he's doing a bit of fishing with that tail ;-)

5 Apr, 2015


Hi Simbad,
I've seen lots of them in the garden too. Been pond watching today and I think I've spotted a newt. A little head kept popping out from between the rocks. Seems the amphibians are back :)

Ps: Lol at Noodle fishing. He has had his paws in it today - must have been cooling off in the sun!

5 Apr, 2015


Great blog... welcome to GoY ...
Noodle is very photogenic :o)

6 Apr, 2015


Hi Terra, Thx for the warm welcome. Noodle is such a character and def lives upto his name :)

6 Apr, 2015



6 Apr, 2015


Nice blog Bluebell. Welcome !

6 Apr, 2015


Thanks Alan, I've never kept a blog before but I'm really enjoying it.

6 Apr, 2015

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