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Death of a pet


By balcony


Unfortunately the last of the dogs we brought over with us from Spain 8 years ago has finally died. Her name was Boli. She had been on medication & 6 monthly check ups at the vets for about 5 years now.

Boli in 2005 sitting on my lap:

About 5 years ago 4 of the 5 dogs were diagnosed with a defective heart valve & had been under vet care for 6 monthly check ups & medication.

Boli in 2005 close up:

The last one to die before Boli, 2 years ago in November, was the only one who didn’t have this condition. But he was diagnosed with Cushings Syndrome, a kind of mental illness similar to dementia. Boli was 15 1/2 years old & was born at our flat in Spain & I was there at the moment of her birth & I was present at her exit from this world, too.

Rufo in 2005: Tigre’s son:

This is Tigre (Tiger) because before his muzzle grew out he had stripes on his face that reminded me of a tiger cub!

This is Patty, she seemed to have cat blood running through her veins, she used to jump up onto our laps with a cat’s ease!

This is Tippy, the smallest, the youngest & the first to die from the valve in his heart.

He was my favourite & whenever I sat down in an armchair he would cry to get up onto my lap & then climb up onto my shoulders where he would sleep! His death was so unexpected & sudden that it took us totally by surprise. We were in shock for more than a week. All the others we expected their deaths around the time they died but Tippy’s was an utter surprise. We both cried our eyes out, as did our daughter when we got back home without him & explained what had happened.

We took him to the vets one Friday evening because he was short of breath & seemed to have difficulty in breathing. The vet said she couldn’t find anything wrong with him (excluding his heart condition) but that his teeth needed cleaning & he had an infection in them. So she gave us some antibiotics to give him & then made an appointment for him to come back the following Wednesday to have them done. But Saturday night he seemed agitated & wouldn’t lay down to sleep. Early Sunday morning we couldn’t help but see he was a lot worse with his breathing so we called the vets & a taxi & took him to see her. When we arrived she hadn’t arrived at the clinic & we had to wait 20 or 30 minutes in the street. When we were able to go in & while she was changing her clothes Tippy collapsed in my wife’s arms & a load of foul smelling liquid came out of his mouth & nose. I called the vet who immediately took him into the consulting room & after 10 mins work managed to resuscitate him. She then put him on oxygen & then let us see him. She told us that there was no guarantee that he would live out the rest of the day & even if he did he would be suffering from shortness of breath & would have to fight for every breath. She then told us how she had seen her own father die in that way & how it had affected her. :-( She advised us to let her put him to sleep. We spent a few minutes with him & it was obvious that he was struggling to breathe so, with all the sadness of our hearts , we agreed. The liquid he expulsed when he collapsed was the liquid that had filled up his lungs & was causing shortness of breath. My wife went back to the waiting room while I stayed with him till his last breath. I then broke down & cried my heart out. The vet was kind enough to leave me with him for a few minutes.

All five were born at home in Spain & we brought them over here 8 years ago.

Now for the first time in 23 years we have no pets whatsoever! We have always been used to having cats & dogs around the house now it seems strange to have an empty space where for 8 years the dogs’ blankets lay!

We have no plans of getting any more pets now. You become too attached to them & you feel each one’s death like a member of the family.

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Thank-you for talking about your heartbreak an awful time for you. They are so much part of your family and always will be. We love them so much dont we. I am so so sorry.

23 Sep, 2009


Oh Balcony I`m so sorry to hear about Boli and know how you will be feeling now but with your loving care and attention you have given him a long and happy life. My heart goes out to you at this sad time,look after yourself and enjoy your memories of all your little dogs you did your best for them. God bless, Sue....

23 Sep, 2009


Very sorry Balcony to hear about beautiful Boli it is heart breaking when it happens and yes you do become so attached to them but remember he`s always with you and take comfort that you give him a great life Take care God bless Rita xx

23 Sep, 2009


I'm so sorry to read about your loss, Balcony. It always seems especially sad with - as you say - close family members. I always feel it worse with pets, because I think, they have a very different, but astute, means of communication with us, and us with them.

I've always said never again, in the past, too.

Goodnight, hope you feel better soon, you have been marvellous parents to your dogs, I can read.

23 Sep, 2009


I am really truly sorry Balcony my condolences to you and your family.

23 Sep, 2009


Sweet.. all of them Balcony..and precious Boli...this last one that watched with you as you let each of them blessed they all were to have you and your wife...hugs..~Cat

23 Sep, 2009


So very sorry Balcony. Your beautiful pets are at peace more suffering or illness...try and take comfort in that thought.
Goodnight, and God bless xx

23 Sep, 2009


Oh Balcony, I'm not afraid to say I can hardly see the keyboard for tears running down my cheeks. I'm a huge dog lover and when my Duke went it was in my arms at the vets exactly as you describe. I have not been able to replace him and, like you, don't think I could ever do it again. My heart goes out to you my friend and I would like to say how sorry I am for your loss.

23 Sep, 2009


I'm sorry to hear the sad news. Our pets are very close to us - even closer than some family humans I'd say. loosing them is very traumatic. My deepest sympathy to you both.

24 Sep, 2009


Oh, sad sad news :(((
Little Boli is now at peace though xx

24 Sep, 2009


So sorry to hear of the death of your last perra. Losing one beloved pet is bad enough, but to gradually lose an entire family of pets must be awful! Remember the good times with a smile.

24 Sep, 2009


Its so sad when we lose our beloved friends Balcony sending Big Hug x

24 Sep, 2009


I agree with Hywel, that pets can become even closer than some family humans.

Balcony ~ I know how watchful and aware you've been for Boli over recent months, with check-ups at the vet, and medication. You did everything you could to make the last part of Boli's life comfortable.

My thoughts are with you and your wife. xxx

24 Sep, 2009


Me too, in tears here Balcony. I think most of us have been in this situation, it is heartbreaking and it gets no easier each time. You have shared your life and a wonderful home with all your beautiful pets They were blessed to be so loved ......Lily x

24 Sep, 2009


Thank you all so much for your condolences & best wishes, they are really appreciated.

Boli was with us for almost 16 years. She was the last of her litter. The original litter had 5 pups but one died before we were aware that their mother was having them. At that time the dogs didn't sleep in our bedroom with us but in a corner of the kitchen. It was only when I got up & entered the kitchen that I realized she was in the process of giving birth. I managed to remove the dead one & the next one so that she didn't roll on it while giving birth to the other two. Boli was the last to enter the world, (as well as the last to leave it), she was also the biggest of the 5 & her mother had a great deal of difficulty getting her out into the world.

Thank you also on behalf of my wife.

24 Sep, 2009


So sorry to hear your news Balcony...they were all such sweet litttle dogs. You gave them a lovely, happy life...remember them with pride. Big hug to you & Mrs B.

24 Sep, 2009


Thanks Fluff, I really appreciate your condolences.

We had been expecting her death for some time, in fact only a few weeks ago I had to take her in for her 6 monthly examination as she was on medication for her heart. The young vet, who was new to us & probably from an East European country, listened to her heart & lungs & thought she was no worse than in the previous checkups.

Just a week later I had to take her in again as she had an infection on the back of her neck. The vet, the one that did most of the checkups for our dogs, cut away the fur on the back of her neck & discovered a tumor! As she had such thick hair we hadn't realized she had something there. He cleaned it up & gave her a couple of injections of antibiotics & rubbed in some ointment to help the skin recover quicker. He then prescribed her a tube of it to rub in the area over the next week - 4 times a day. I had to take her back 3 days later & the vet gave her another couple of injections. Then he told me he wouldn't need to see her again unless there was an emergency.

Her death came about 9 days after he last saw her. She had perked up considerably after the injections & had even recovered her appetite that is until Monday this week when she hardly touched her food. On Tuesday she ate nothing at all & didn't seem to drink nearly as much water as she normally did. Then during Tuesday night/Wednesday morning she was making low sounds as if in pain. We gave her her medicines as normal in the morning & she seemed quieter but we suspected she was coming to an end as she didn't move an inch from where we put her on her blankets nor did she try to drink.

Around 9am I said to my wife that it looked like this was the end & within 15 or 20 minutes she passed away. She didn't make a sound so we didn't actually see the moment she expelled her last breath but it couldn't have been more than a minute or two when I realized she had gone. :( I tried "prodding" her but got no response of any sort & one look at her face told the story. :(

I took her out & buried her close to the other two I had buried two years ago, Rufo & Tigre.

Rest in peace, Boli.

24 Sep, 2009


That's just the way it is Balcony...she went so quickly she didn't suffer & she knew you were both there with her. Now she's with her siblings & at peace. It's a rough time for you both...go & sit out there on a sunny afternoon & talk to her...that's what I do at Michael's patch...pets or lads - they all tug at our heart strings bless '

24 Sep, 2009


You must be so glad you were with her at the end Balcony, the end of an era and such a sad time for you and your wife. Our pets have such impact on our lives, so very hard when they go.......xx

24 Sep, 2009


My heartfelt sympathy on the passing of your friend.

25 Sep, 2009


Thank you all for your kind words & thoughts, we really do appreciate them.

We miss all of them & it seems so strange to walk in the door & not have them barking or come running out. Strange not to ask one another "Have you given ... his/her medicine yet?" Strange not to do the things we have done for them for so many years! We'll get over it, lives has to go on.

Thank you all.

25 Sep, 2009


I've had regrets every time I shower since 8 Sept as my Milagro used to lick my legs & "groom" me. Our other two dogs are coming forward in new ways, tho, so that's a comfort. Can't imagine not having a dog around, maybe you will later when you've healed.

26 Sep, 2009


It does seem so strange not to have them around any more. I find myself about to do something for them, like giving them their medicines 3x a day! I suddenly realize I don't need to do this any more. The empty space in the living room & the bedroom, where their blankets used to lay, is one of the most obvious things that look so strange after 8 years in this place.

You must miss Milagro very much as well.

28 Sep, 2009


I do. But it is a relief not to schedule one's life around the dog's meds....What kind of dogs were yours? Is that breed vulnerable to heart problems or was it just that breeder's litter?
I had quite a scare driving home tonight: a large dog ran into the side tire, to avoid an oncoming vehicle towing a boat. He limped away, so I pray he's okay...couldn't catch him.

2 Oct, 2009


I must agree, it is a relief not to live as slaves to the dogs' medicine hours any longer.

The dogs were a mixed breed, aka mongrels. They were all born at home & came from 3 different litters. When I took them all out together for their twice daily walks I was know as "Ben Hur"!!! :-D LOL!

I can quite imagine your fright! Glad you are alright though & that the poor dog didn't seem to be badly injured.

3 Oct, 2009

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