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Miss California


By balcony


I have one Fuchsia in my baskets that I can’t account for as it doesn’t fit the description on the label or the photo for “Miss California”! I thought it was Eva Boerg but the sepals are long, white & curve upwards, like a ballerina raising her arms above her head! The skirt is purple. (Photo below)

I don’t think this can be Eva Boerg even though that’s what I’ve written on the photo!

Here is the label for “Miss California”

According to the labels Eva Boerg is a trailing Fuchsia but the “mystery” one is quite stiff.

La Campanella & Eva Boerg look very similar & both are trailing varieties.

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Whatever it is (you could have a new hybrid!) It's just beautiful!

12 Aug, 2009


It is indeed beautiful, Madperth, I think it's probably my favourite one of them all but how do you choose between such lovely flowers???

I think of it as "ballerina" when I look at it because the white sepals look just like a ballerina with her arms above her head. The flowers are quite long lasting as well.

It looks nothing like "Miss California" nor "Eva Boerg". I shall have to find a photo of "Eva" as I only have ONE plant. I didn't realise that until I was looking through the labels & only found one. I know this plant isn't "Eva" as there is only one basket where I could have put it. The last one to be planted up several weeks after the other four. It's also the basket where I put "Hawkshead" but removed a few weeks later when I was told it could reach 4 foot high! I replaced it with "Swingtime". The problem with that arrangement is that it is side by side with "Snowcap" with is a single & a smaller flower but, until you look closely, you would think they were the same plant.

While I was looking for the photos to put in my blog I found one that I'm sure is Swingtime, but I grew it in 2006 & had it titled as double Fuchsia as I didn't know it's name.

12 Aug, 2009


I've only just discovered fuschias & Sanbaz is very kinly taking cuttings of "Swingtime" for me. My first reaction was to say "ballerinas",not because I thought it was their name though! They just reminded me of tutus!!
I dont see why you would have to choose, just love 'em all!

12 Aug, 2009


I have photos of Miss California and Swing time on my garden page. Have you seen them ?
I don't have Eva B.

12 Aug, 2009


Sanbaz has swingtime too!

12 Aug, 2009


Yes, Hywel, I've seen the photos you've posted of "Miss California" & I can definitely say that the plants I have labelled with "Miss California" are something else completely different.

To begin with they aren't pink & white but purple & white. Then they are also stiff, vertical plants rather than lax trailers. The white sepals always remind me of a ballerina's arms as she spins around with her arms above her head.

I would have liked them to have been "Miss California" but I wouldn't be without these! I have four plants but I shall take some cutting to overwinter all the same!

Swingtime is flowering nicely as is Eva Boerg. I only have one of each of these in the last basket I planted up. I shall be taking cuttings of these so I don't lose them during the winter.

14 Aug, 2009


I've identified the "mystery" plant as Sarah's Delta. I see my descriptions are not very accurate. Eva Boerg was a big double that gave me endless flowers!

I said: "La Campanella & Eva Boerg look very similar", nothing could be further from the truth! I don't know now why I said that - if you compare the photos they are so very obviously different flowers!

First time I've reviewed this blog in years! (Over 2 to be exact!)

6 Nov, 2011


Ive looked on the web and seen a photo of Eve Borg that looks just like yours. Deltas Sarah is a true blue, not purple. PM Hywel - he has one.

6 Nov, 2011

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