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Hanging baskets & tomatoes


By balcony


Talking about hanging baskets & tomatoes I looked in one of my hanging baskets today & found a tomato seedling!!! A couple of days ago I noticed a bird spent a lot of time in this particular basket. I bought a new Fuchsia to replace the one I had to remove from another basket. After putting it in I remembered the bird of the other day, so I went to have a look, to see if I could find out what might have interested it so. That was how I came to see the tomato seedling. But I couldn’t see anything that might have interested the bird.

As I can reach the baskets from the ground to water them, (I use recycled 2lt water bottles), there is not normally any reason for me to get up on a chair & look inside the baskets. I would have been even more surprised if I had discovered it in a month or two! It must have been in some recycled soil I used in the baskets.

A couple of months ago I sowed some hanging tomatoes, precisely to use in the hanging baskets, but the seed tray somehow fell off the balcony table & went unnoticed for a few days. Of course the seedlings that were beginning to grow died & I just scooped up the soil & put it in a bag. I forgot about the tomatoes & so I imagine at least one seed that hadn’t germinated had survived & when I used the soil in the basket it was able to germinate! I thought I ought to take it out, but on the other hand I might leave it, because if it is a hanging tomato it will grow & I might get some cherry tomatoes! If it doesn’t grow over the side but upright I will have no choice but to cut it out.

Just yesterday I gave my daughter the majority of the seedlings of Ten week Stock, Larkspur, Antirrhinums & Carnations I had been growing expecting to put them in my sister garden. But a couple of days ago she texted me saying she didn’t want any plants this year – which left me in a pridicament – what to do with so many seedlings??? I asked my daughter if she would like them & on Friday she picked them up.

I still found myself with a couple of tomato plants but as she already has a lot plants of her own I didn’t offer them to her. I had a bag of compost that I was saving for the Fuchsia cuttings that are rooting. I put the two tomato plants in it behind the balcony door. As there is a little plastic table with a big, heavy strawberry planter on it, when the door opens it hits a corner of this table & so there is a space where the plants can grow safely. Last year I grew a tomato there & it suffered no ill effects.

I still have quite a few Carnation seedlings that fill 3 trays, each containing 15 little square black pots each!

I also had a lot of Antirrhinum seedlings left. These were growing in groups of 4 or 5 in a recycled seedtray in which the Lobelia plugs came. These I put into about 7 or 8 5" pots, still in their groups. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them as they can’t stay where they are for very long. They are on the bottom shelf of my greenhouse.

I have put the two growbags of tomatoes in an “L” shape & many of the plants will grow up through the shelving of the greenhouse & thus be supported. This means I will have to move the pots of Snapdragons in a couple of weeks time. – where? I don’t know yet! In a couple of months time the Carnation seedlings will also have to be moved, but they are on a higher shelf so there’s no hurry for them.

There are also plastic bags with Fuchsia cuttings sitting on a shelf of the greenhouse.

These Fuchsia cuttings will need potting up in a week or two but what I shall do with them I haven’t thought about yet!

As you can see my balcony is so chock-a-block with plants it will very shortly look like the Amazonian jungle!

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Great job, How do U do the fuschia cutting please.

6 Jun, 2009


you have been busy Balcony. what a shame your sister didnt need them, after all your hard work.

6 Jun, 2009


I bought the three packets of seed especially for her as well! I didn't say anything as they were supposed to be a sort of birthday present. Her birthday is next week. Other years I have planted my "excess" plants in her garden as her birthday is in june.

Still they should look equally as nice in my daughter's garden & may get watered more often. My sister waters them for a couple of weeks after I plant them but then forgets & they only get the rain.

Last year I planted my excess Cosmos plants, (seeds from Gardener's World, on BBC2), in my sister's garden. I kept the strongest looking plants to put in my balcony but hers grew much better than mine, which got plenty of TLC & fertilizer! I took photos of her garden with all the plants flowering their heads off!

Doon: You take Fuchsia cutting like you would most other plants. Cut a branch a couple of inches long, peel off the lower leaves & cut just below a leaf node, leaving 2 pairs of leaves & then put then in a small pot filled with your favorite rooting material (compost, sand, peat or vermiculite or even plain old water!). Keep them protected from strong sunlight in a plastic bag, or not, as you like. I'm rooting mine in plastic bags for the first time ever this year. I took 4 cutting from a Fuchsia, Swingtime, I bought today. In a few weeks they start to root & then when you notice them growing transplant to individual pots.

6 Jun, 2009


Jeez, you certainly pack some stuff onto that balcony of yours, lol.

6 Jun, 2009


You have taken balcony growing to new heights lol.

6 Jun, 2009


Thanks 4 the advice, I will do it for sure, as i lost all my "soft" fuschias last Winter. The were huge & was so sad to have lost them after 10 years, boo hoo!!

7 Jun, 2009


Glad to have been of help, Doon! You should always have a few cutting of any plant that might get killed off by a frost. I generally take a few cuttings of plants I would "miss" if a frost got to them. Mind you as they are often kept in the same conditions as the mother plant the same is likely to happen to them! No much room for any special precautions on my balcony - just a big round table in the most protected corner of the balcony with a big plastic bag in which all my tender plants go! I have it lowered most of the time but when frost is forecast I raise it up for the night.

Even in February of this year, when we had some of the coldest weather in the UK for many a year, I didn't lose any plants to frost damage! I might lose a few to rot or fungus or even to being too dry owing to having so many crowded into too small a place. I have kept two Fuchsia standards alive for the past 4 years or more overwintering that way!

The greenhouse I have on the balcony used to have thick plastic walls but time hasn't been very kind to it & the wind has ended up tearing of the door. I take it off now (the last couple of summers) & use it as shelving. In the winter I put it back on but without a door it's gives my plants less protection from the wind. I have a big plastic bag I can pull over it in the winter but it is not made of thick plastic. At least it keeps some of the wind off!

7 Jun, 2009


It sounds, sound (LOL) advice Balcony, my problem is we run away from Winter here & go cycling in Arizona USA for the mnths Dec-March. So I am doomed. I guess I can ask a kind friend to look after it. Thx 4 the advise, keep well.

8 Jun, 2009


The tomato plant in my hanging basket is still doing fine! it's now about a foot high! The Fuchsias it is sharing the basket with are all flowering now. I'll have to get a photo of it to post here!

5 Jul, 2009


fabulous job!!

9 Jul, 2009

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