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Regal Pelargoniums


By balcony


I love Regal Pelargoniums! My wife bought three pots of the new “Angel” varieties a few years ago. They flowered so lovely that, as they all seemed to be the same size, at least while they were in small pots, I ended up putting all 3 together in one big pot after they had finished flowering. But one turned out to be bigger than the others & has dominated the pot.

This year for the 1st time since planting them together I took them out of the pot & pulled them apart. I got some Irishman’s cuttings of them which I put in other smaller pots before putting the same three plants back into the same pot with fresh compost.

The first little flowers have begun to open & there are still loads more buds in the stem tips, so it doesn’t look as though they resented the rough treatment I gave them! lol!

This is photo of them at the end of May 2005!

This is another photo of them at the end of May 2005!

This is photo of them at the beginning of June 2008

This is photo of them at the end of June 2009

This is photo of them in the middle of August 2009

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I like these aswell but I don't have much success overwintering them - although I do have one that's a number of years old.

28 Apr, 2009


These have been in flower continuously for the last FIVE months. Now they are begging to fade but I shall probably have some flowers till the end of September!

24 Aug, 2009


I have just one regal pelargonium. It's absolutely hopeless this year. It has a lot of black mould on the leav es and hardly any flowers.

24 Aug, 2009


Black mould is a sign of whitefly infestation. Mine also have whitefly but very little in the way of black mould. Some of the leaves are rather sticky & only this morning as I was watering them I thought to myself that maybe I ought to cut them back but I'm loath to do it while there are flowers & buds still.

24 Aug, 2009


It would be a pitty to spoil the flowers.
I've been afraid to cut mine back incase it doesn't re-grow, but I'd have plenty of cuttings. Maybe I will. I hope it isn't too late.

24 Aug, 2009


If you have a lot of black mould it would be a good idea to cut them back so ridding yourself of possible eggs that may carry on to next year & start the infestation before your plant comes into flower. I'm sure that's one of the reasons mine have done so well this year. Other years I'd only cut the dead flowers off.

You won't harm them or lose next years flowers if you cut your plant back.

24 Aug, 2009


Thanks - I'll do it then .

24 Aug, 2009

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