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Unknown but pretty "weeds"


By balcony


I’m working as a volunteer gardener at a centre for people with MS.

I went there today & these plants (weeds) look very nice with their leaves & stems covered in raindrops so I took a few pictures.

Some of the plants reach up to a metre high! These were in a raised bed I weeded last week but left as I liked their flowers &, after seeing them in their “finest jewels” this morning, I might like to grow a few from seed on the balcony.

I’ve seen them many times before but not like this! So can anybody possibly id them?

I tried to ask a question but the photos wouldn’t upload so I’m trying in a blog.

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its purple toadflax, the pink is a colour variant. Linaria purpurea. they are also available in garden centres and a pink version is called Cannon Went.

29 Sep, 2020


I have a pale pink one that spreads through the garden, I leave some because it's pretty but it can be a nuisance sometimes.

30 Sep, 2020


I spend a lot of time pulling these out, they seem to seed anywhere and everywhere.

30 Sep, 2020


Balcony, seems you have similar idea to me. I also volunteer & tend a border at a charity

I plead guilty to letting rose bay willow herb flower in the border

To be fair that border is also home to Rosa Rugosa & buddlia so it helped with the insect friendly theme

30 Sep, 2020


My neighbour has MS David so I know how much things like a pretty garden makes all the difference .well done I'm sure its appreciated ..

30 Sep, 2020


They look lovely covered in rain drops ...

30 Sep, 2020


Thank you all for your comments & especially to SBG for the id! I'll have a look for some seeds & grow a few plants on the balcony next year.

I was especially impressed seeing them covered in raindrops! Being that the main reason for taking the photos.

30 Sep, 2020


That is good Balcony, gets you out for a few hours and the colour brings enjoyment to others, I think you'll find the seeds easy to grow, they pop up easily in my garden, depending on where they've self seeded as to whether I pull them up or leave well alone, a weed to one is a lovely plant to others.....

30 Sep, 2020


"a weed to one is a lovely plant to others....."

Which is why I put weeds between inverted commas! After all a "weed" is no more than a plant in the wrong place! Like a rose in the middle of your cabbage bed or a cabbage amongst your choice roses! :D)

1 Oct, 2020

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