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Huntingdonshire towns scoop top awards at Anglia in Bloom


By balcony


Huntingdonshire towns scoop top awards at Anglia in Bloom

I’ve based this blog on the Hunts Post story with some of my own photos taken during the summer of 2019.

Here is a link to the story as it appears in the local newspaper:

Huntingdon is celebrating after striking gold in the region’s In Bloom awards, with judges praising the high level of community participation

Apollo 11 50th Anniversary of Moon landing:

(This first photo of Apollo 11 I copied from the article in the Hunts Post)

50th Anniversary of supersonic plane “Concorde”:

(This first photo of Concorde I copied from the article in the Hunts Post)

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get along to St Ives (Cambs) either this year therefore I have no photos to add other than this one which I copied from the original article

The town is only 5 miles away from Huntingdon & we have a bus stop only 2 minutes walk from our flat but for some reason or another we have never been able to make it.

Once the Raised flowerbed with the “Welcome to Huntingdon” sign is planted up I will post my first picture here with the new plaque in its place (if it has been put up, of course!)

Antique seed drill:

This blog wouldn’t be complete without a few pictures of this recycled Antique seed drill:

Flowerbed in Sebastopol Gardens:

Wild flowers in Sebastopol Gardens:

These wild flowers were sown by the council gardeners who also sowed them in other parts of Huntingdon.

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Interesting to see how the plantings filled in.

5 Oct, 2019


Well done, a great achievement . Our town Immingham did very well as well so I appreciate the hard work that goes into it.

5 Oct, 2019


Well done, great job.

5 Oct, 2019


Congratulations to all those who took part in creating these sites ... very attractive!

5 Oct, 2019


Bedding at its best.....such a lot of work!! but obviously worth it....thanks for sharing.....

5 Oct, 2019


Very impressive- well deserved win!

5 Oct, 2019


Looks really fantastic! Well done to everyone!

6 Oct, 2019


Thank you all for your lovely comments! :)

Our council gardeners are very underrated, they do a fantastic job of keeping our towns & cities looking lovely so we can enjoy our surrounding.

Here on the Huntingdon Town Council we have a very imaginative group of designers who have shown their worth for a number of years now.

How many people realised that this was also the 50th anniversary year of Concorde taking to the skies? All the fuss, & quite rightly, has been on the success of the first American astronauts to put boots on our satellite for the first time.

The Apollo 11 flower display sums up 2 of my greatest interests: Space & Gardening! You can see many more of my pictures on gardening displays in my Flickr group:

6 Oct, 2019


Well deserved Balcony, the displays look amazing , Stamford in Bloom did well also, ours are mainly volunteers, my daughter and I look after a little stone circle, every little helps doesn't it..Thankyou for sharing...

7 Oct, 2019


Lincs, I think you will find the majority of people who work on the "- in Bloom" places are volunteers. Certainly they are here in Huntingdon.

At the beginning of the summer I saw several ladies planting up the troughs in the shops carpark alongside our flats! The District Council have cut back on flower displays in the last few years & the carpark here is one place that has suffered from these cutbacks.

The Town Council have gone the opposite way & during the last few years have put up some lovely displays!

The flowerbed in the gardens of our block of flats seems to have been planted up as a single permanent bed as they planted it up last November with what seemed a poor display yet in the spring 100s of white Daffs appeared & lasted for quite some time. As the summer advanced other plants appeared! Instead of lifting the Daffs this year they just cut the foliage back, they have never done that before in the nearly 20 years we have lived here! Unless I'm wrong they won't plant anything this November but the bed will regenerate the same display from next spring.

8 Oct, 2019


It's good that the community has pulled together to create these beautiful displays :)

9 Oct, 2019


Unfortunately, Hywel, none of the pictures here are done by the community. :( They are all done by our District Council or the Town Council.

I'll upload a couple of pictures I have of the troughs in the local shops car park which were planted up by our local "in Bloom" group.

9 Oct, 2019


I see. When I read that judges praised the high level of community participation I thought the town people had made the displays.

10 Oct, 2019


I don't really know what they mean by "high level of community participation". I, personally, haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary. Except that one evening when I saw a few ladies putting plants in the first trough from the left in the shops carpark I haven't seen anything else.

I don't just mean in the gardening aspect of the competition, important though that is, but also the cleanness of the town. For instance in the course of this year graffiti has raised its ugly head once again but nothing has been done to remove it & I've not read in the local paper that anyone has been caught doing it either.

I've seen people out & about in hi-vis jackets litter picking but they are more likely to be from the District Council than volunteers - though I may be wrong.

11 Oct, 2019


We have litter pickers here too, and they are from the council. Some people just throw it down anywhere and it blows around in the wind.
I haven't seen graffiti for a while.

12 Oct, 2019

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