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Christmas Cacti? More like Autumn Cacti!


By balcony


Christmas Cacti? More like Autumn Cacti!

I’ve grown them for many years & here are a few from previous years:




Why the name ‘Christmas Cacti’ is still used for these lovely plants is a mystery! Or is it a commercial ploy, perhaps?


I’ve grown these for many years now & there is rarely a flower to be seen at Christmas! Though I have a big plant my daughter gave me for Christmas 2 or 3 years ago & that one flowered badly last year but this year it is only now beginning to make tiny buds whereas my much older plants, though I keep them very small, are flowering at this very moment in time (November 2016) it does have lots & lots of buds. I’m hoping for a magnificent display from it this year.

I wonder just how many people realise they can be had in other colours other than the ubiquitous neon pink found in most shops around Christmas time? I have a pale orange that has become the very first to flower this year

I also have a very dark red & white as well. I have several plants of the pink, which I also like.


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I have a double red but I like the cream.

7 Nov, 2016


The pale orange one is very unusual - lovely. I've never seen a yellow one before. Mine are flowering now as well. I forgot what I was doing and watered them too soon and before I could turn round almost they were off. I have delayed them until Christmas some years though.
What colour flowers do you get on the one with very pale stems dated 26th October 2015? I lost a beautiful pink one this summer - my favourite...

7 Nov, 2016


I have a few of these, just coming into bud but the drop in temp seems to have caused one of them to abort its flower buds, its a white one new last year so hoping it isn't long before it produces more, also have one with the rounded leaves, its donkeys years old and used to be my mums, always known it as an orchid cactus but no idea why, its only in the last couple of years that I have seen the different coloured ones, I do like your lovely orange/peach ones.

7 Nov, 2016


I have 4 plants , I have one called 'Multicolor' it has 3 colours red ,white & pink on one plant it was new last year its in bud I'm waiting for it to bloom ...

8 Nov, 2016


Must be grafted Amy. It will be interesting to see a photo when the flowers open.

8 Nov, 2016


There are many lovely shades. I prefer the old fashioned ones myself - the ones that hang down.
They seem to flower during the shortest days - from autumn to spring.
Most of mine haven't got buds yet. That's because they are in an outside shelter and it's colder.
I once had that peachy coloured one. I don't know if I've still got it until they all flower.

8 Nov, 2016


Yea, its a commercial growers/sales trick, the name 'christmas cactus' along with 'christmas cherry' or Solanum capsicastrum, as its properly called. The only time they have flowers (christmas cactus) at Christmas is when you first buy them, because, in reality, they naturally flower earlier in autumn. Equally, christmas cherry flowers earlier and fruits by early autumn, so that the berries on it are rotting off or shrivelling by Christmas - except the first year you buy them.

That apricot/orangey one is really pretty....

8 Nov, 2016


Hi Balcony...
those are looking great ... they probably saw the TV Christmas ads and thought it must be December already !

10 Nov, 2016


lol :D

10 Nov, 2016


Very clever, TT! :-)) How are your little "helpers"?

Amy, the plant you refer to is pink & the flowers are opening this weekend. The dark red one has also opened its first flowers.

The yellow & white ones have disappeared, all the plants are in flower or have buds & none of them is yellow or white.

Amy, it's very interesting that you have a multi-coloured plant I'd never heard or seen one like that. Do you have a photo? Or can you get one if the plant is still growing or about to flower? I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be curious to see it in flower!

I prefer most of my plants to flower at the time nature dictates their internal clocks! Only in recent years have I manipulated a little the timing of flowering of my Amaryllis & even that is only to stagger their flowering season, to draw it out. Which is a great advantage when you have as many Amaryllis as I have!

I like the orange one as well. It's a delicate subtle colour quite unlike its more brasher cousins!

12 Nov, 2016

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