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Beetroot Mixture harvested


By balcony


I harvested what few plants of the Beetroot mixture I sowed way back in March 2016 germinated & managed to grow on in the raised bed in front of the greenhouse. I don’t understand what was the matter with them, Gerry pulled up the great majority of the January sowing, (I made in the greenhouse & planted out in March), in June as they were all bolting. I sowed some more just a few days later but they never did germinate! So I’ve been left with only a handful of roots for this summer! ;-((

2016 has turned out to be my worst year ever for sowing beetroot. ;-((

Yet Gerry sowed some very thickly in the bed at the top of the plot & they have all germinated by the looks of it as they are so thickly crammed together he will never get a decent root unless he does some drastic thinning out very soon!

The few roots I was able to salvage are quite big, one, by far and away the biggest one I’ve ever grown, has concentric pink & white rings, the first time I’ve been able to grow one like that

The rest of the beets I dug up were white – not a plain old red one in sight!!! :-D LOL!

I bought a packet of seeds of this variety a few years ago but when I harvested them they were plain old red beets!!! I was very upset & annoyed about that!!!

To cook the big one I had to cut it in half & then half way through cooking cut it up into quarters as it was too big to fit in the saucepan!

The smaller ones looked like cooked tomatoes when I peeled them after cooking them! See what I mean in the photos.

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Strange, my beetroots have really struggled, those that have grown look ok though. Must be the weather we had in spring or that is what we are blaming here. lol

8 Aug, 2016


No surprise there, Oliveoil! We have had some strange weather this year & it looks like we are in for a few days of heat once again this weekend! Strange it should be exactly a month since we had the last heatwave!

Gerry's beetroot, even though he hasn't thinned them out yet, seem to be very healthy.

I watered the patch of soil where I sowed the last Beetroot Mixture seeds. They are in the raised bed in front of the greenhouse where all the others were sown. I sowed them much thicker than I would normally, there must be lots of seeds that haven't germinated yet - I thought they might do with a little encouragement!

9 Aug, 2016


What a strange mixture .ours are not too bad I've pickled some and left some growing to get bigger ...

11 Aug, 2016


I cooked the beets & ate some. I was a bit wary as I'd never eaten beets that weren't "beet" coloured before! I found they are much sweeter than the "normal" coloured beets! Even the enormous one was lovely & tender!

17 Aug, 2016


At least they didn't get wasted David , I like beet cooked on its own as a veg or pickled ..

17 Aug, 2016


I like Beetroot a lot, I can never have it pickled as my wife can't stand vinegar! I've not had anything pickled in over 40 years! After such a long time I don't miss it either. I must admit however the smell of vinegar on fish & chips does make my mouth water! LOL!

22 Aug, 2016


The seeds I mentioned having watered recently - further up in this thread - have made no sign of germinating.

There is just one plant there with dark red leaves that are almost black which probably came from the 2nd sowing I made back in June.

I was down the allotment this afternoon for an hour & I gave it a good soaking as it seems we are in for a "heatwave" this week - sometime! If it arrives it will be the third this summer!!!

22 Aug, 2016

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