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Amaryllis,"Red", has begun showing its 1st bud!


By balcony


Amaryllis,“Red”, has begun showing its 1st bud!

One of my Amaryllis,“Red”,has begun showing its 1st bud! It’s an offshoot of the mother bulb that I haven’t removed from its pot yet. I was cutting off the remaining leaves of all the bulbs that line our bedrooms & kitchen windowsills when I discovered it.

1st Amaryllis bud of 2014 in our bedroom window:

Another photo of the 1st bud of 2014 in our bedroom window:

I have about 50 pots with Amaryllis bulbs that I’ve grown to flowering from my own saved seeds. Most of them are in 15cm/6inch pots. Most of them have several offshoots growing in the pots as well, still attached to their mothers. I wanted to remove them from their pots & pot them all up individually this year, to that end I watered them all for the very last time on the last day of August 2013 then I moved them into the greenhouse on the allotment. All the pots of Amaryllis spend 6 months of the year on the allotment & the other 6 months of the year on the windowsills of our flat.

First Amaryllis bulbs brought back home:

As I have a label in the pot I know it will be red. It’s one of my seedlings that began to flower about 5 years ago it doesn’t have a name but only goes by its colour. All the plants you see in the pots in the photos were grown from seeds I saved 8-9 years ago when the original 3 Amaryllis that I bought in the autumn of 2001 flowered for the last time.

Amaryllis stacked in tiers in our bedrooms windows viewed from the outside:

Last of Amaryllis bulbs brought back home from their summer on the allotment:

I originally bought a pure white, a pure red & a red with white stripes from a stall at the first international market week we had here back in 2001, (now an annual event), but they were loose unmarked bulbs, apart from the colour of course.

Amaryllis: The original 3 colours flowering in 2007:

They had no names. They flowered the 1st & 2nd years with me but the 3rd year the white one grew but didn’t flower. The other 2 did flower. The following year the white one bloomed for the last time. All three bulbs were living in the same plot for at least 5-6 years. I found a photo of them in the same pot in 2008 with offshoots.

Amaryllis: the Red one with a White stripe where you can see seedpods behind the flower:

I cross pollinated the flowers & ended up with so many seeds I didn’t know what to do with them, but that was back in 2007. I sowed the seed that same summer & was embarrassed with the number that germinated!

I’m going to add one photo from each year showing the progress of these seedlings to flowering plants:

Amaryllis seedlings growing in a seedtray on the balcony in July 2007:

Amaryllis seedlings in 2008:

Amaryllis seedlings growing on balcony in 2008:

Amaryllis seedlings on kitchen windowsill in 2009:

The year the seedlings from these 3 plants flowered for the 1st time was in 2010:

Amaryllis seedlings in May 2010:

Amaryllis on living room table in January 2012:

Amaryllis on our table in the living room in March 2013:

Now they need transplanting as I’m only getting 2 flowers from many of the bulbs instead of at least four. It is not very noticeable as I’ve got at least 50 pots at present. They now flower at different times so I get a continuous succession of flowers! In 2012 for example I hardly had a month without at least one flower!

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what a array of beauty all doing so well too :-)
you have had much success you must be pleased?
from Jane :-)

20 Jan, 2014


Blimey, it's just as well your wife understands your passion for these beauties, Balconey!
Couples have ended up in divorce courts for less. Lol. ;-)

20 Jan, 2014


You have a great collection of Amaryllis. I have trouble getting my last years one to flower. :))

21 Jan, 2014


Lots of healthy looking flowers, there Balcony ...
good luck with the new bud :o)

21 Jan, 2014


Wow so amazing they look so healthy.

My one will soon be in bloom.

I been looking for a white one and Black Pearl as I missed out when they were for sale.

21 Jan, 2014


Hope they do well again this year Balcony, I never did get any flowers from my old one so treated myself to a new one at xmas, its a bright red one and is flowering at the moment, it remains to be seen as to whether I will still have the same one this time next year, I just do not have your magic touch., its the same with the orchids I can never get them to stay alive and produce new flowers...

21 Jan, 2014


Only one of mine flowered again this year, but eh ho it was rather spectacular, four flowers. Beaufiul plants and colours there Balcony :O)

21 Jan, 2014


Well done Balcony I've never seen so many plants in one house you definitely have green fingers where they are concerned ... :o))

21 Jan, 2014


Brilliant !

22 Jan, 2014


They're doing well with you. It's worth the wait and the work, to see such a lovely variety of flowers :o)

22 Jan, 2014


Thank you all for your kind comments! :-))

As several of you say I'm very pleased with the results of my seeds sown in 2007 :-)) Now, as I mentioned at the end of my blog, I need to transplant them & get them into fresh compost. I want to remove the small bulbs growing alongside the mother bulbs as the bulbs are now flowering poorly. They have been watered & fed regularly with tomato fertilizer but the pots are overcrowded now & the bulbs need separating. It won't influence their flowering for this year as bulbs make their flowers the previous year, but at least I hope they will do much better again next year.

For those of you who have difficulty in getting them to flower another year, if you look back over my previous blogs I've explained on several occasions how to get them to flower again. Nevertheless I'll look up the blogs again & post links to those that might be of most use to you so you can get them to flower in future years - & EVERY YEAR!

I don't think you need a great deal of patience nor "green fingers", if you can get your Daffs to flower every year Amaryllis are no different - other than you can't leave them in the ground over winter. As you see form my blogs they spend 6 months of the year outside (May-October). They really are no more difficult to grow than Daffodils!

22 Jan, 2014


I followed your instructions to the letter and still only got one to re-flower, obviously not as clever as you Balcony, not going to worry though as the price they were makes just one reflowering worth the spend. I always think if I kill things off after having had such a beautiful display it isn't a problem as they are only like having cut flowers and you have to bin them eventually. lol. Yours are so beautiful you must spend hours tending to them. Thank you for all your help with how to look after them I am sorry I am not as good as you are, well done on your displays. :O)))

22 Jan, 2014


Here is a link to a blog written by bobwalshplumerias that covers what to do with your Amaryllis:

Here is a list of blogs I've written on Amaryllis for your "perusal"!

22 Jan, 2014


Oliveoil, I'm sorry to hear your Amaryllis hasn't put on a better show this year. :-(( Give it another year, making sure you give it tomato fertilizer during the summer months but stop it at the end of August/beginning of September. Amaryllis also need a few months of rest & a cool period of 6-8 weeks to reflower.

Some people empty them out of their pots, cut the leaves back to their base & trim the roots, only leaving a couple of cm/in, before putting them in the fridge for between 6-8 weeks. Be very careful not to have them in the vicinity of apples or they will fail to set flower.

Really it's no more difficult than forcing Hyacinths/Daffodils to flower at Christmas.

Personally I don't force than to flower at a different time than they would naturally. Left to their natural inclinations they would flower in March/April time. Only start to water them when you notice the flowerbud peeking out of the neck of the bulb. Keep them in good light & some warmth & they should flower in about 6 weeks after coming out of the bulb's neck.

24 Jan, 2014


Here is a link to a webpage that explains in the simplest of terms about Amaryllis -- Growing Hippeastrum Bulbs:

There is also a video on one of the pages of the site as well as other pages that deal with Amaryllis.

24 Jan, 2014

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