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Lettuce 'Winter Gem' sown today


By balcony


Lettuce ‘Winter Gem’ sown today

Today I sowed the seeds of Lettuce ‘Winter Gem’ that I got a couple of weeks ago in a swap. I sowed them in a big pot in the greenhouse down on Gerry’s allotment.

Lettuce ‘Winter Gem’ just sown:

I’ve grown Lettuces out on the plot over the winter but not in the greenhouse. Though at the end of the winter 2013 I did sow some in a seedtray in the greenhouse …

Lettuce ‘Little Gem’ with true leaves:

Here are a couple of photos for the Lettuces ‘Little Gem’ that I grew in the GH border during April & May 2013:

I also grew some from the same tray in the bed just in front of the GH door. I’ve put some photos in so you can see them as well.

The GH is unheated (even some glass is missing!) so I was interested to see just how much difference it would make to the them. With regards to the temperature there would be very little difference, maybe a trifle warmer in the GH on any days with a little sunshine but as we had a cold, wet spring this year temperature can be ruled out. But we did however have a lot of rain & cold winds. There the difference was notable.

The ones growing in the GH were protected from wind & rain & therefore the leaves were thinner & not quite such a dark green …

‘Little Gem’ in greenhouse border 13th May 2013:

… as the ones growing outside & having to face up to the inclement weather:

‘Little Gem’ near greenhouse 13th May 2013:

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Do you eat it all Balcony? One iceberg can last me a fortnight! Those look excellent - its surprising what a bit of shelter makes. Still, think how much nicer it is for us when standing in the bus shelter instead of out in the wind and the rain...we're just the same really!

22 Nov, 2013


Hi Balcony

good luck with your winter lettuces...
your summer lettuces look scrumptious !

23 Nov, 2013


The experiment proves they do better with a little shelter Balcony we usually start ours off in the GH and then transplant them into a bed in the spring , good luck with your new seeds ....

23 Nov, 2013


It must be nice to grow lettuces in the winter. I wonder if they'd grow for me ? I might try.
Good luck ! I hope you get lots :o)

24 Nov, 2013


This will be the first time I try to grow them in the GH over the winter.

I had such a glut during the summer I ended up throwing lots on the compost heap. ;-(( I started them at several week intervals but owing to such a cold start & the later hot spell - remember the 3 weeks in July when it seemed like we were in the Sahara desert? - which caused the earlier ones to bolt & the later ones to catch & end up bolting as well. I couldn't even GIVE them away! My wife & I ended up eating more lettuce than we'd ever done & I've never liked lettuce all that much anyway. I took quite a few along to the church, I offered my brothers & sisters some as well, but only one of my brothers came round & picked up some & then they weren't for him but for his son, who is a vegetarian.

At least I won't have that problem during the winter!!!

25 Nov, 2013

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