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M(a)y flowers!


By balcony


M(a)y flowers!

My Amaryllis were still giving me flowers right up till the end of May! Except for a ten day “rest” in which I had no open flowers, but I did have a few buds, they had been flowering continuously since the first day of the year!

An Amaryllis bud close up in our living-room window on New Year’s Day 2013:

But really the flowering season got underway in the first month of the New Year 2013! So they had been flowering for 6 months!

Five Amaryllis bulbs flowering in the living-room window 2 weeks later!:

This particular season started way back in August last year when I discovered two pots of bulbs that had started to produce flower buds! One of them had TWO bulbs producing a flower stem each.

The Amaryllis bulb with two buds beside our shed on Gerry’s allotment:

On 15th May I brought the last bulb with a bud into the living room. It turned out to be red with a white star marking.

Amaryllis in bud on living-room table:

I didn’t discover any more bulbs with flower buds – then! But they often surprise me producing them when I least expect them!

See what I mean?:

It should be remembered that I have at least 50 pots of Amaryllis bulbs all grown from my own seeds which I harvested & sowed about 8 years ago! None of the bulbs are named so I can only describe them by their colour.

Amaryllis Red with white star at the end of May:

Amaryllis white with red veining on living-room table:

Amaryllis on living-room table:

This is the very last photo of the very last Amaryllis to finish flowering:

On May 15th I started taking them down to the greenhouse on the allotment I share with my friend from church, Gerry. I had to carry them down as I don’t have a car. I made 3 trips taking 5 pots on each trip.

These all came from the kitchen windowsill. Now a LOT more light can get in!

There were still almost as many waiting (in the kitchen) for their turn to make the short journey back to the allotment where they will stay till the middle of October before making the return journey back to the windowsills of our flat!

Amaryllis in kitchen window from the outside:

There were another 10/12 on each of the windowsills of our 2 bedrooms to take down as well!

The photos from March are very much like they were later, in May, but with longer leaves & blocking out much more light! Therefore it was impossible to take pictures of them from inside!

Here they are in their temporary home till the middle of October:

Amaryllis beside our shed on the allotment:

Amaryllis behind the greenhouse down on the allotments:

Well that’s the last Amaryllis blog for this year – or is it …?

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Thank you for all this very helpful information. Will look
for Amaryllis bulbs to give one a try out. Suppose they need to be outside until October, then brought in and put
in a good light.

29 Jun, 2013


It must have been interesting to grow them from seeds. You have a variety of patterns now :o)

29 Jun, 2013


It was interesting! I couldn't wait for them to start flowering! Now I have another 30/35 seedlings growing on the balcony.

These are what I call "Anglo-American hybrids" as the pollen came from a lady in the USA & I used it to fertilize one of my plants that was in perfect shape to receive it when it arrived last year.

The resulting seeds were sown & they germinated well & so I've now got two seedtrays with 15 small, square, black pots in each of them + 5 pots that didn't fit! DON'T ask me what I'm going to do with them next year or the year after that, when they should flower for the first time!

I already have around 50 POTS (not bulbs, as many pots have several bulbs in them!) with bulbs that I originally grew from my own seed! Some of which you can see above.

1 Jul, 2013

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