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Hybrid Lilies & the Dasterly Lily Beetle!


By balcony


In January 2012 I received some packets of Lily seeds from a gardener, in the USA. These I planted in the greenhouse on the allotment I share with my friend Gerry.

Lily seeds sown in greenhouse:

The resultant seedlings I planted out in a bed in front of the shed we have. Being a narrow bed & in front of the shed I thought I’d be able to keep a better eye on them.

Lily seedlings planted out:

This spring (2013) I planted out some Beetroot seedlings & some Lettuce seedlings amongst them:

At that time they were just beginning to sprout. Some of the tiny bulblets were sitting on the surface of the soil which had been washed away during the VERY wet autumn,winter, spring we had. I’d raised the bed somewhat the previous year (2011) before receiving the seeds, the persistent rains for the better part of a year ended up eroding some of the soil. This was washed off the bed & covered the path I’d made at the time of making the bed.

Lily seedlings 2nd year amongst Lettuces:

I buried some of the most exposed bulbs once again. Then I planted the veg seedlings amongst them. I thought they wouldn’t have much, if any, impact on the bulblets as they would need at least another year before flowering for the 1st time. I thought at the time that in the autumn/winter of 2013/14 I’d lift the bulbs, once dormant & put them in my own allotment, Plot 12A. I still plan on doing that – if they survive!

Lily seedlings 2nd year amongst Beetroot:

The Dreaded Lily Beetle!

Just a week or 2 ago I noticed a bright red beetle on one of the plants! I’d never actually seen a Lily Beetle before but I knew their description so I immediately imagined that was what I’d just discovered! :-((

Since then I’ve caught about 10 or so of these beetles in a transparent plastic cup with a lid in which I’d put some water. I will have to be vigilant & check them every time I go down to the allotments!

Many of these seedling Lilies now have a flower bud or two on the tips of their stems – a whole year earlier than I’d been expecting! :-)) I’ll soon be posting a few photos as they open! :-))

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they have done well and the buds are a def bonus. we also have the dreaded lily beetle and on one session I managed to get 28 from a clump of L pardalinum. crushed on the path as a method of destruction. dastardly indeed.

25 Jun, 2013


I've given up growing lillies because of the lily beetle, too high maintenance for me having to check them every day!

25 Jun, 2013


They are doing well then Balcony, I've only managed to find one of the blighters but have a number of chewed leaves and have to keep wiping over the black squidgy eggs, trouble is I have stood four of my pots together....Louisa you give up too easily, lol....

25 Jun, 2013


Perhaps, but I'm not keen on continually having to squish things!

25 Jun, 2013


I know what you mean it is horrible, I use a damp piece of paper towel or wear my gloves, do it when you are having a moment for some reason, its a great way to vent ones spleen, lol,

25 Jun, 2013


I knock them into the transparent plastic cup with some water & put the lid on so they can't get out! Just this evening I caught two of them. Yesterday I didn't find any even though I checked each plant individually.

26 Jun, 2013

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