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End of another growing season (well, almost!)


By balcony


End of another growing season (well, almost!)

An old Australian group called The (New) Seekers has a song called Circles in it there are a couple of lines that say the seasons go ’round & around, lets go ’round one more time. Well that’s how I feel about the growing seasons, one is coming to an end & now we look forward (or back, as the case may be) to another season!

I’m going to take you on a “look-back” on what has been happening on Gerry’s allotment which as you all know I help him with.

Lentils & Pinto beans at the top of the plot:

Beetroot Bolthardy at the top of the plot:

Beetroot Bolthardy in another part of the plot but sown a couple of weeks earlier:

Pink Carnation seedlings at the top of the plot:

These are from seeds my wife brought back from Spain. Having nowhere to sow there on my balcony I sowed them in the GH & now I’ve planted them out to make bigger plants that I will lift & pot up in the spring & take home so she can see them flower during the summer on our balcony.

Godetia Azalea flowered

Another of my wife’s favourite plants. These are annuals & will die with the first frosts – just as the flowers are beginning to open, I sowed them too late!

Carrots Autumn King

These have really grown a lot during August & now in September they are looking great!

Apple tree

A couple of photos of Gerry’s dessert apple tree. Last year there were two apples …

… this year we have had a 100% increase – we now have 4! In this photo all 4 can be seen at the same time, if you look closely!

Ipomea or Morning Glory

When we were in Spain, in May 2011, I bought a packet of seeds that my daughter-in-law brought to my attention – these Ipomea or Morning Glory.

They would seem to be a newer variety as the flowers stay open most of the day, even when it is pretty warm.I grew these in Spain for many years but only a couple of colours & they invariably died by midday – unless the temperature was low, like it is now in the autumn.

Cucumbers Marketmore Harvested

The smooth skinned one grew in the greenhouse but the other one grew outside. The tomatoes that can be seen alongside are some I harvested the same day.


I’m afraid after the first flowers, I showed you in a previous blog, no more have appeared! The plants continue alive, as can be seen in this photo, but they aren’t growing any more.

Tomatoes “Mallorquin

The tomatoes are now beginning to ripen & I’ve now started to harvest them:

Here is a view of them growing on the plot. As I’ve stripped off some of the lower leaves the French Marigolds & the Tagetes really jump out at you!

Three Sisters’ bed

The Three Sisters’ bed, although long since reduced to Two Sisters after the last of the water melons died, is still going strong:

Here is a photo of the runner/green beans I picked from the few runner bean plants that grew up & produced beans:

Lettuce Webbs Wonderful

My Lettuce Webbs Wonderful are doing quite well. Gerry will be able to start cutting them for his rabbit & birds while I’m away for a couple of weeks.

Potatoes Maincrop Maris Piper

Here are the my maincrop potatoes in a wheelbarrow. Almost the last to be lifted.

A view of Gerry’s Runner/Green beans. These plants were absolutely loaded down with beans! I picked a lot to take to the Harvest Thanksgiving service we had at our church on Sunday 18th September.

Lentils & Garbanzo beans

These are doing very well. They are growing on the ridges left behind after harvesting the potatoes:

Sunflowers Tall

In spite of the strong winds we had this month the great majority managed to stay upright.

I have no photo from the shed this month – not even from the outside. I’ll see if I can include one in next month’s blog.

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Looks like a pretty good season Balcony. Now the big tidy up!!!! :o)

18 Sep, 2011


Your freezer should be well stocked Balcony. Time now to almost clear it all and start again.

19 Sep, 2011


Plenty of veg, all look healthy aswell.

19 Sep, 2011


Wow what bounty to reward you for all your hard work, sad the seasons finished but exciting to look forward to planning for next year now ;0))

19 Sep, 2011


looks great... lots of nice veg...

19 Sep, 2011


What a feast.
Exellent blog.

19 Sep, 2011


You've had a nice crop of vegetables this year. It's very satisfying to grow them. All looking nice and healthy aswell.
Godetias can be sewn in the autumn so maybe yours will last the winter if it's a bit sheltered where they are. Pitty they're so late flowering. They're one of my favs aswell.
Congratulations on having 4 allpes :o) I hope you have 100% increase next year aswell.
Have a good holiday.

20 Sep, 2011


Back from scorching Spain to a scorching UK! It seems we haven't left Spain behind at all!!!

We've just got back from Spain after 10 days of unusually hot weather over there. Most days the temps have been around 30ºC which is very, very unusual for September! We had a thunderstorm on our only Friday (23rd) while over there but it wasn't anything to get excited about! A few claps of thunder & a few minutes of heavy rain & it was all over!

We went to my wife's city, called Cuenca, (pronounced "Quawnka", well, more or less!). It's a city right in the deepest heart of Spain, exactly half way between Madrid & Valencia. I spent the better part of 30 years of my life living there! The climate is much colder there than in most of the UK during the winter & we went prepared for colder weather than we normally have in September in the UK. The afternoons we knew can get fairly warm, up into the 20s C, but during the evenings, through the night & into the middle of the next day, the temps fall quite sharply & you need to wear a good jumper if you don't want to catch cold! We took several woollies each but spent the entire 10 days in shirt sleeves! Everybody was commenting on how strange the weather was for the time of year! It seems like August this year they had the highest AVERAGE temps for the month on record!!!

We return to the UK only to find that the temps are very similar to what we had just left behind in Spain! My wife had taken out a jumper for me & a cardigan for herself & we put our coats on only to find ourselves soaked with sweat & having to take them off again! Well, actually I never got to putting on my jumper & we even thought we had left it behind when we were getting our cases ready! We found it on unpacking the cases.

We had to carry our coats while fighting with the suitcases, which seemed to have a mind of their own! We almost got sunburnt while waiting for the taxi that was to bring us home from the train station!

Today has been a similar day to yesterday but tomorrow we are forecast clouds & slightly lower temps. Seems the week ahead will put the "Indian Summer" to rest & autumn will get under way with strong winds & rain forecast in the middle part of the week!

2 Oct, 2011


productive & colourful blog Balcony, enjoyed looking around very much.

13 Oct, 2011


Glad you found the blog of interest, Bampy! :-)) In the next day or two I'll be uploading more photos to include in my next blog on the allotment.

There have been many changes since the last blog above & most of the veg has now been harvested & many plants are now dying. We had a light frost on the allotment on Saturday morning but it doesn't seem to have damaged our plants much at present. From Tuesday,18th October, we have been told to expect much colder weather with the possibility of frosts. That will put an end to most crops on the plots!

16 Oct, 2011

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