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By arwel


As is visible in this pic, my garden is divided into two areas: a productive area with veg and chickens and a few strategically placed flowers, and a pretty little chill out area with flowers, a pond and a bench. This post is about the latter part of me garden.

First, note the tropical-looking trees and shrubs behind the pond, whatever they are they certainly aren’t natural, but they seem to be doin pretty well and will, hopefully, soon disguise the scrubland behind them. The area immediately around the pond is still a bit of a mess, but still an improvement on the clumpy turf of a month ago. I’m planning on sowing some kind of super powerful grass seed here that’ll hopefully make the area a little more aesthetically pleasing. Another member of this web site suggested a surround which I think is a great idea that I’ll implement as soon as possible.

The pond itself is still young (less than two months old) and the plants are still getting acquainted with their new home. There are no fish in the pond because they eat frogspawn and dragonfly larvae. I would much rather share my garden with some cheeky little amphibians that decimate my slug population than some fish that do nothing but swim and look pretty. Also, dragonfly are probably our best lookin’ insect after the butterfly, but are they more zen than fish? We’ll see

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