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Lost roosting places


The house at the end of my short garden has new owners who moved in a month or so ago. Very soon they took down all the trees – 9 of them apparently in a tiny garden. I was sad to see them go but I understood. Next they stripped off every bit of variegated ivy and other climbers from the smothered fences but I understood that too as the fences were leaning slightly and, I was told, rotting in places. Then they dug out all the shrubs. Not sure why they did that though.

My garden is much lighter and less enclosed now which pleases the claustrophobic side of me but I mourn for the birds who have lost their roosts. The previous owner told me she had blue tits, wrens, robins and finches nesting in the ivy. Where will they go? I certainly haven’t seen any since the new owners moved in and whose garden is now like a playground with a huge trampoline, wendy house and a toy car that’s as big as an invalid buggy. Plus the usual garden furniture of course.

However, today I decided I’d plant a bit of ivy to encourage the wildlife back and went up to the corner under the pergola to see what was what. My pile of hedgehog logs are there and I didn’t want to disturb them by digging. I’m glad to say I found a foot high piece of variegated ivy growing which I shall leave to spread though not too much as I know it’s rampant. All I have to do is keep it in check. That’s not difficult. Is it?

Hopefully the birds will thank me.

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At least around here, New York, the roosting season is winding down so the timing shouldn't be so bad. Most of the roosts should be vacant. I could understand the new owners wanting to start with a 'clean slate.'

26 Aug, 2016


I understand both sides, though I tend to wonder as well, Arbuthnot. I have ivy growing along the bottom wall which borders a bank down onto a school site. The bank is very wild with nettles, brambles, holly and goat willow all topped off by huge sycamores so no-one's going to worry! I keep ivy in check around the garden by cutting it right down to soil level. I have old brick walls at the back of my borders and it doesn't trouble me. It might be a different story if I wanted rid of it altogether, though.

26 Aug, 2016


Like you, Mel, I understand but I've got even more soft and sentimental in my old age and worry about the wildlife. My garden isn't mature enough to help much. Pleased about that bit of ivy growing though Him Indoors would have yanked it out as soon as he saw it. I'm keeping quiet!

27 Aug, 2016


You need some trees to go with the ivy, so birds can roost, nothing like a tree to invite in the birds, what do you think?

8 Nov, 2016


I've got shrubs, DottyD, one or two of which will grow into smallish trees but next door has two very large trees so the birds should be ok. One of the trees is a massive lime, much of which blocks the afternoon sunlight but the birds love it.

9 Nov, 2016


You cannot win can you? we have a garden full of trees all unsuitable for small gardens, so we are doing plenty for wildlife, and the

9 Nov, 2016

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