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My garden seems static at the moment. Yes, there are things blooming such as the lovely cheerful daffodils, primroses and last year’s wallflowers. I even have one – all that’s left – hellbore which is looking healthy and bears a single flower. Hopefully that will seed and I’ll have more next year.

But, I’m impatient for everything to get a move on. I want to see what’s been lost – a few things (unidentified) from a quick look – and give everything a friendly talking to so that they will grow quickly for me. Even the birds, though fairly active, seem reluctant to start nesting, nor are they eating the food. Only the greedy starlings like my feeder. Oh how I wish I could deter them!

We are going to put more well rotted horse manure mixed with compost over the beds but each time we intend to go out something crops up. And it’s not a plant!

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I thought the same about the birds......I haven't noticed them scurrying around with beakfuls of nesting material. I've even left lots of clippings from my ornamental grasses laying around on the compost heap, on top of the wall, on pots etc but none appear to have been taken.
Mind you, it's not been very Spring like weather here recently ....cold and dull.
Although, I have noticed quite a few Ladybirds...I hope the weather warms up for them.

22 Mar, 2016


It's a lovely time of year. I'm sure things will get a move on soon but it's rather cold at the moment I think.
It's nice to see the days lengthening though :)

22 Mar, 2016


I've also seen plenty of ladybirds, Paul, and bees. The birds are seemingly lethargic though, just like me. We get a couple of days (or half days) of lovely sunshine then back to the gloom for a week. Not had much rain lately though so the bird bath needed filling and the NZ flax I transplanted which only had a few roots looks a bit sad. It had been growing in a stone urn for a few years and needed to be removed. Almost impossible to do without being strong enough to upend the urn so I had to saw through the main stem, hence the fact there there are only a few small roots. I'll water it today and see if that helps.

Still, the good weather will come and then it will be a hive of activity for both gardeners and birds and other creatures. We just have to wait.

23 Mar, 2016


Hopefully your Phormium (NZ Flax ) will get going...they are tough old things even though they are reckoned to not be fully hardy in this country but I've never known one succumb to frost or anything else. I divided one into three, a few years back and they all grew with very little root although one was much slower than the others and I eventually dug it ou a few years later although it had got going a bit but, the peice I gave to my former neighbour is growing like's absolutely huge. in fact I as only thinking when I went past a few days ago....I'm glad I'm not still living there as it would annoy me, so close t the boundary fence but, I really didn't think I would grow that big in a just a few years.

23 Mar, 2016


Oops, I planted mine close to the boundary fence. Knowing how big it could get, that was the only real space for it. Still it will take a while and I might be pushing up daisy roots myself before it gets that big!

24 Mar, 2016


Ha ha....yes, let someone else take it out or move it!

24 Mar, 2016


Yesterday I saw activity around the nest box. Two blue tits were, not exactly inside, but seemed to spend a while just peering inside. Not sure if they were expecting it to be furnished or not but they're out of luck if they are. After all it is rent free!

24 Mar, 2016


Haha....perhaps you could stretch to a little sofa for them!

24 Mar, 2016


I like your humour, Paul. It's the same as mine. But a sofa? No, though I could stretch to a palliasse!

25 Mar, 2016


My Phormium which is actually a Cordyline that I couldn't remember the name of is looking very sick. I've cut off a lot of dying leaves but the rest are turning brown now. I shan't dig it out in case it sprouts from the base but given the few bits of root left on it I shall be very surprised to see it get better. Some plants thrive, others die, and yet others only last a season despite what the label says. The purple Pernettya that looked so pretty against the lime green Physocarpus has, sadly, completely bitten the dust, but that's gardening, isn't it?

Never mind, having read a post on GOY where someone mentioned an Edgeworthia I looked that up and found it was my kind of plant. It arrives tomorrow and will do nicely for a space I have.
Also I'm pleased to say that we have tenants in the nest box again this year. I'm looking forward to when my shrubs are bushy enough for me to install a robin or wren house too. Not yet though, not enough density.

4 Apr, 2016


Very often, Cordyline will regrow form the roots if cut to the ground.

11 Apr, 2016

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