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July in the garden


This is the part of summer when I seldom have much colour. Right now I have a few red geums still flowering; a small (new this year) white osteospermum; several nicotiana (tabacum I think); thalictrum which doesn’t show up much against a dark fence; diascia; and a red monarda which I’d hoped would be pink.
On a wet and dreary day like today it would be nice to look out on lots of colour but I’ve never managed to get much this late in the summer.
Any ideas anyone? Remember I only have a postage stamp for a garden and we’ve only been here 18 months.

On another topic, I think the wandering hedgehog that was using our garden as a short cut must have died. I haven’t found any spoor at all lately. A neighbour did hear some bronchial coughing late one night a couple of months ago and on investigation found it was the hedgehog. I think he/she must have had lungworm which is fatal. Sad.
I’m hoping that another will discover the route next year.

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Now that I can understand and it did get sorted last year, unfortunately I had started moving things about in late spring when I came to a full stop, consequently I now have lots of flowers growing in a bed behind my pond that has lots of colour, unfortunately I'm sat indoors watching the rain and cannot see them from my window, lol. luckily I can see the roses, my everlasting sweetpeas and the pots on my patio. The ones I cannot see are Cosmos pink and white, Agapanthus, Day Lilies, Phlox a lovely mauve colour and hoping to see the white ones opening soon, they are the perenial ones, and Penstemons, I have sweetpeas growing up a tripod all saved seed from last year and every one has turned out blue, in fact I was so fed up looking at the border yesterday that I moved some geraniums out of pots and popped them in the border but shush cos him indoors was out at the time and I was bored, lol....

26 Jul, 2015


Is that the "postage stamp" in your avatar?
You don't need flowers to have colour - how about variegated or other colour foliage?
If you have a fence or shed you could paint them to add some colour - particularly if you're using the fence as a backdrop for plants.
Take a look at the plant selector RHS website

26 Jul, 2015


Maybe the weather has got something to do with the lack of colour this year. It's not a bit like summer, and I know my plants are suffering because of it - very slow and lots of lanky growth.

Hardy Fuchsias are good for summer colour (I am biased !)

I hope the hedgehog isn't dead. They are rare these days.

26 Jul, 2015


Penstemons are very useful at this time of year, and so are potentillas.

Our fuchsias are very late indeed coming into flower this year Hywel. Only Dollar Princess is really in full swing.

26 Jul, 2015


No, Urbanite, that was my last garden. It was two thirds of an acre and just got too big for us ancient ones. The garden we have now is about 40ft square. As for painting the fences, only one of them belongs to us and Him Indoors doesn't want to do it. Nor do I! We'd never agree on colour anyway.
I haven't tried penstemons, Steragram, because we have a huge slug problem owing to the wilderness next door. Might be worth a try next year though. Potentillas I have but they aren't flowering much. I might try phlox as well.

Thanks folks.

27 Jul, 2015


I don't have a slug or snail problem with penstemons, if that's any help. I meant the shrub potentillas not the rockery ones, if those are what you meant. Worth a try anyway.

27 Jul, 2015


Hydrangeas are in bloom now. Clematis - take a look at Owdboggy's blog of a day or two ago.

What sort of soil do you have? North/South/East/West facing? Exposed/Sheltered etc.?

27 Jul, 2015


Heavy clay which is on top of an old brickworks. The rear of the garden faces north. With houses and fences on all sides the garden is quite sheltered. We do get sun, but unfortunately a neighbour has three huge trees which block the sun from the west. All I can say is that her house must be dark.

28 Jul, 2015


Try an Internet search for plants for North facing gardens - you'll find plenty of choice. I found this helpful list

28 Jul, 2015

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