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Sick oxalis


By ange


Well I have now chopped off all the leaves with ‘rust’ on, which is ALL the leaves, still looks ok though, as plant has flowers still.Ah well I live in hope for next year. All other plants look fine, although begonias soon over.

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My oxalis gets rust every year, but not usually till about July. I'm too lazy to spray it, so I ignore it and it grows again - I've had it for 12 years at least. I've got triangularis, is that what you've got?

4 Sep, 2009


Yes, mine does too. In fact I don't think I've seen one that doesn't!

4 Sep, 2009


Oh, ok then. Thanks both, yes it is triangularis. Do the normal green ones brown middles with have it too Lily? As mum-in-laws doesn't....?

6 Sep, 2009


Not sure Ange as I've never had those. Plain green ones seem to get it a bit but the dark leaf tringularis always gets it here.

7 Sep, 2009

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