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Goodbye to my gardening companion


By andrea


My first Blog, and sorry its a sad one!
This week I have lost my cat to cancer. He was my best friend and would follow me around the garden keeping an eye on what I was up to.
I was told in December that he had about 5 weeks to live , and today I took the decision to have him pts. I know I have done the right thing, I couldn`t bear to see him getting worse.
I plan to bury his ashes in the garden and plant something in memory of him. My qustion to all you gardeners is does anyone know of a plant that goes by the name of Sylvester?
Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts with you all and hopefully my next blog will be full of the joys of Spring.

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Oh that is sad, I'm sorry for your loss.
If you have room for a small tree, how about Pussy Willow - Salix discolour? The catkins are a bluey grey colour just like your Sylvester, it is also very tactile and you can stroke the catkins and it will bring back some happy memories xx

30 Jan, 2008


Hi Andrea, what a handsome chap. I'm sorry to hear the terrible news and I hope you find something suitable to remember him by.

30 Jan, 2008


You have my sympathy at your loss , he was one of the family and it hurts to loose such a good and loving , faithful friend , I had a short haired silver tabby and I was heartbroken when she died , like Peter I hope you find a suitable plant in memory of him , keep us posted

30 Jan, 2008


I am very sorry to hear about Sylvester, Andrea. I'll keep looking for a named plant or shrub for you.

30 Jan, 2008


Thanks so much to everyone for your support and suggestions!

30 Jan, 2008


There are a lot of plants with 'sylvestris' in the name - it means it is a woodland plant. Is this any good?

30 Jan, 2008


Hi Andrea, my condolances, i lost my dog 'buddy' last october due to cancer, it is sad. but you have defo done the right thing, i made the same decision, and have'nt regreted it as i know the alternative would have been far worse for him. i too have made a memorial flower bed in his honer, and planted a Rhus tree and rose bush where his ashes are scattered, - in his favorite bone planting area. and i plan to include a little plack for him, in the near future, we even had a minutes silence in his honor when we scattered his ashes - neighbours must have thought i was mad! but the truth is they are not pets, they are fury people and members of the family! good luck with finding the right plant for Sylvester, and my thoughts are with you.

30 Jan, 2008


So sorry to read your sad news, Andrea, but perhaps I can give you some good. Aruncus sylvester (Goat's Beard) is a European native perennial with lovely strokeable flowers. It can be bought from some nurseries
here. Type aruncus sylvester and search pages from the
UK. I did it briefly and noticed a couple. Hope this helps.

30 Jan, 2008


So sorry to hear of your loss Andrea. But you have wonderful memories of your time together and sharing here makes those memories live on.
Maine Coon's are such wonderful cats. They say they are quite telepathic. Did he 'talk' to you when you were working?

31 Jan, 2008


On a lighter note this may cheer you up regarding plants and animals. We have a pussy cat called Jasmine who is mental and always leaves me little messages in my garden!
I have already decided what plant to grow in her honour when she passes on! Whenever I have come across these little parcels I have cursed 'Bastard Jasmine' only to find out that there is a plant called the very same thing, don't ask me why but I know I will grin every time I walk past it.
Hope everyones suggestions are keeping you happy, there are some very good ones :)

31 Jan, 2008


Thanks Andrea, yes the comments are helping! I now have lots of plants to check out.
And, to Maple- yes he did `talk`, I will miss his lille chirrups whenever he came to greet me!

31 Jan, 2008


I have found there is a small azalea called 'Sylvester' so if you have an acid soil, you would be able to grow it. I have only been able to find two suppliers:

Loder Plants in Sussex (who do mail order).
Their website is

Bridgemere World in cheshire, who don't.
Their website is


31 Jan, 2008


Poor you : ( so sad4your lose ANDREA. I really do feel 4 u as i know the heart ache pets bring,They are part of the family&its like losing part of it: ( Time is great healer as you know&nobody or anything can stop your pain,Always remember the great times & his life was a good 1 : ) Hope your pain will ease soon JACQUE

4 Feb, 2008

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