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Extra claps for our fabulous NHS tonight


By amy2


My husband is in hospital , he had been suffering with horrendous stomach pains for a week we eventually rang 111 to ask their advice , honestly an ambulance with paramedics arrived within a few minutes looking like space men with all their virus gear .
They had every piece of technology which they used to check him over and then took him off to hospital .

I wasn’t allowed to go with him .

He had a badly inflamed gall bladder he is having antibiotics pumped into him also a procedure called percutaneous cholecystostomy C tube to drain of what he calls the gunk …

Even when this is over and he is home he will still need an operation which they are saying can’t be done until after the pandemic ..

Luckily our daughter works in the same hospital so is able to keep up with proper updates ..

So yes please extra claps tonight for the wonderful NHS

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So glad to hear your husband is being well cared for and all best wishes for him!

It must have been awful for you being left at home, but you must have been so thankful to have your daughter on hand!

14 May, 2020


Sorry to read this Amy.........we will certainly give the NHS an extra round tonight.....
I hope your husband continues to do well, how fortunate to have your daughter working in the same hospital......sending virtual hugs.....🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗.

14 May, 2020


Thank you Sunnydais ,Its been so stressful , you feel useless being isolated , he's in good hands that's the main thing ...

14 May, 2020


Thank you Dd ,the timing isn't the best is it especially as our daughter tells us there's 3 new positive Covid cases in her dept .. its a nightmare :o(

14 May, 2020


Oh dear Amy, I was so sorry to read this and hope that the worst is over for your husband. The last thing anyone needs at the moment. It is good to hear that your daughter is close at hand to keep an eye on him for you.
Of course I shall give the NHS an extra clap tonight and an extra few dongs with my cow bell!

Do let us know how he gets on. Sending love and lots of get well wishes.

14 May, 2020


Goodness, what a terrible event for him. I'm glad he is getting good care, and hope he will soon be well enough for the operation. So stressful for you both....and your family. Sending love x

14 May, 2020


Oh dear Amy, I haven't clicked 'Like' on this blog because it's certainly not something to be liked. I'm sure both you and your husband were extremely worried to say the least.

I'm sure you're aware he is in the best of hands and I hope you're able to let us know very soon that he is making a full recovery.

14 May, 2020


I am with you Amy. Hope your husband is well soon.

14 May, 2020


Oh Amy, sending my best wishes and prayers to you both. How awful for your husband, sounds like he’s been having a pretty horrendous time...hopefully he’ll be having some relief now following his procedure. Once the antibiotics kick in, plus the draining of the biliary ‘gunk’ he should start to feel better.
Good that your daughter is close to hand, that’s a blessing.
Take care of yourself too. x

14 May, 2020


Hi Audrey, I'm sorry to hear Tony is in the hospital. It must be a very anxious time for you. I hope he will be able to get the appropriate treatment soon. xxx

14 May, 2020


Thinking of you both and wishing your OH a good recovery. Look after yourself too Amy ... x

14 May, 2020


I have given a like for the NHS Amy, obviously very sorry to read this news, I hope he is soon back home with you and lets hope they can treat him to ensure it is controlled until he can have an operation, such a worry for you and could not have come at a worse time, thank goodness your daughter will be able to keep an eye on the situation, bad as it must be for you at least she is close by to keep you updated, take care of yourself Amy, you are right he is in good hands...xx

14 May, 2020


That must have been extremely painful for the poor soul. Very frustrating that he will have to wait so long to have the gall bladder removed, and I guess he'll have to be careful with his diet in the meantime. Hope you'll be able to speak to him on the phone when he's feeling up to it even if visiting is off limits..

14 May, 2020


Oh Amy, I'm so sorry Tony has been rushed into hospital, but very pleased he is getting the best of care. I'm really feeling for you with this added trauma, as I know you were both self isolating at home.
That is a blessing that Elaine is working in the same hospital, bringing you news and updates.
Katherine had her gallbladder removed by keyhole surgery when she was only 23, and she has been fine ever since.
Thinking of you and sending lots of love to you both. Each day that goes by is one nearer to Tony coming home.
Keep strong and safe..Xx

15 May, 2020


So sorry to hear your news Amy. I hope things improve quickly. It must be so difficult for both of you. Will be thinking of you with everything crossed. Take care.

15 May, 2020


Thank you all for your kind thoughts and comments ,the good news is they allowed OH to come home last night he spent a fitful night having nightmares all about wires and strange creatures wrapping themselves round him strangling him obviously from his expedience in hospital ,he still has his C-tube inserted nobody is coming in to take care of him we originally were told a nurse would come, in which case he will have to change things himself with my help .. ..
I'll reply to your PM Janey ASAP i'm expecting Elaine to drop of our groceries in a minute ..
Gee what a lovely surprise ;o) ..😀

16 May, 2020


So glad to hear he is home, take everything step by step, and be patient, and all very best wishes for a full recovery!

16 May, 2020


Ditto … and I hope the nightmares subside.
Take care xxx

16 May, 2020


Sorry to read about your husband's experience of the last week but at least he was in good hands & being back home should stop the nightmares! Wishing him a good recovery.

17 May, 2020


Thank you Sunnydais / Hywel / David .he's feeling much perkier he's eating but still not sleeping soundly , to much going on in his brain ....

18 May, 2020


Hello Amy, have "like"d this blog to acknowledge seeing it. I've always been thankful for our OHIP, I think recovery is quicker and certainly less stressful when a financial burden isn't present. Tony: best wishes from Terry and I, as T. is having similar issues at present. Hang in there. We're thankful for the telephone and computer helping us stay isolated but in touch...
I've been checking out your impressive list of plants... and marvelling at how quickly you've amassed a collection of favourites from the Hollies...and added some interesting new stuff... like the Echiums... how are they coming along? Our winter has been never ending and our nights are still barely above zero these days .. the Arctic gyre has been large and powerful this year. It's mid month when things are usually popping all over the garden... but my asparagus, for example, is just poking their little shoots out and looking frost nipped.
Other than health issues and this nasty virus..I hope things are good for the family. Take care.

20 May, 2020


Hi Lori thank you your best wishes very much appreciated by Tony , I'm sorry to hear T has similar problems and hope he has appropriator treatment quickly , Tony has a consultation next week according to a letter we received yesterday but not in hospital its by video link as they are trying to cut down on hospital appointments goodness knows how people cope who haven't computers ..
Lori I bought as many cuttings /seeds /dug up plants etc as I could from the Hollies and am I glad i did I can't believe how expensive they are now
The Echuim Pininana died this winter ,I was told its normal and not to worry as they self seed easily , not true I haven't seen one self seeded seedling , I have another new Echium fastuosum this time planted in a pot making it better to take in over winter ,I'm keen to see it in bloom hopefully this year .
Your weather is a constant learning curve ,what will grow , when will it fruit ,will it survive the frost ,oh drat what a worry for you ..our winters are bad enough but yours are worse . Its a shame about the Asparagus its my favourite spring treat we're missing it this year with not being able to go out to the farms or shops .
PM me with news about T ,
Keep safe . A x

22 May, 2020


Amy I'm so glad to read that Tony is home. I hope he now goes on to make a full recovery. It must be a very stressful time for both of you in these awful times. I hope Tony is sleeping better and that you are both managing to stay strong.

22 May, 2020


Thanks Julia Tony is much better since having a few days of home comfort ,its impossible to sleep in hospital isn't it , he's eating well something he wasn't doing before ,most unlike him he loves his food albeit trying to keep him healthy Haha .. x

24 May, 2020


My own experience is that it's impossible to sleep or eat properly in hospital. I'm sure he'll start to improve now he's got his own bed and your cooking :-))

24 May, 2020


Thanks for that and the encouragement , its tough in these strange times when you can't have family in to chat , even his next Hospital appointment is by video I've got no idea how to do that yet hopefully the instructions are clear to follow 😪

24 May, 2020


I'm sure it will be fine Amy, I'll be sending positive vibes xx

25 May, 2020

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