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Still catching up


By amy2


I’m sorry it’s taking me so long to catch up with GOY please forgive me if I haven’t answered questions or messages …

We decided we were going to have a much needed break after the trials and tribulations of our move plus an assortment of visitors ,did I tell you the removal co. Britannica went bust owing us the deposit for the packing cases we were lucky our furniture wasn’t in transit somewhere anyway we decided to head off for the peace and quiet of Hampshire The New forest for a couple of weeks…
What could go wrong ? well the first morning we had a puncture which meant waiting in garage waiting rooms until the mechanics had time to fit a new tyre .
After that it was everything we wanted peaceful, lovely walks ,

Horses .Ponies Donkeys Galore ….
A beautiful coast ,Lymington was fabulous ..

Lots of nice pubs for meals plus our son had given us vouchers for a meal in a French restaurant ..

And then bad luck in the form of a dog ,it jumped up attacking Hubby knocking him flying he received a badly bruised arm some nasty cuts plus a badly bruised bum , No I won’t show you the photos Ha ha ,it shook him up ,he quickly recovered in mind if not in body enjoying the rest of our holiday ..

Next calamity :- This you wouldn’t believe …
Before we left home we left our key with a neighbour who is an electrician he was to put 8 down lights in our kitchen ceiling while we were away ,all good so far ..
Later in the week we had a phone call from him to tell us he had stopped work as he had been stung by a wasp and that there was a huge wasps nest in the loft ,we asked him if he could arrange for an exterminator to deal with it so that he could continue the work ,which he did ( another bill )

On arriving home we noticed a puddle at the base of the kitchen fridge freezer the electrician then mentioned that at some point the electric had tripped out it wasn’t until after he had gone when we checked the kitchen freezer plus the chest freezer in the utility room we realized everything had thawed out , we spent the whole of the first evening home binning all the food and cleaning the freezers …we need to re-stock ..

I think we need another holiday !!!!!

I will catch up here one day ….

A nice unexpected surprise in our garden a large patch of Zantedeschia in assorted colours which proves they must survive the winter ,I might plant my ‘potted’ ones with them …

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Oh Amy! Are you sure your name isn't Jane with all the calamities! Seriously , so very sorry to hear about all the mishaps.

Things happen in threes the old saying goes so hopefully you have had your full share.

Glad to see you still have a sense of humour!

30 Jul, 2018


Amy this is just incredible - maybe you need an exorcist! Only joking and it isn't funny at all is it? Really really hope that you turn the corner as of NOW!

30 Jul, 2018


Good heavens, Amy, what rotten luck your having (think Stera is right about the exorcist)!

Poor T, did the dog just jump up at him or was it actually aggressive, hope he wasn't bitten!

Love the New Forest, we went down for the w/end & met Violet for the first time. When Luke & Lindsay first moved there they would feed carrots to the donkeys that came to their back door, then the donkeys started coming all the time demanding more - they don't feed them anymore :).
They also get visits from cattle as well as horses.

30 Jul, 2018


Some wonderful photos there Amy sad to hear your run of bad luck some times I think its fate missing worse bad luck that could be ahead and these delay you being there. May I ask is your hubby in good health . What a lovely surprise with the Zantedeschia great colour.

30 Jul, 2018


My OH calls me Clumsy Eirlys not that any of this was my fault but calamity jane fits the bill nicely lets hope this is a new start ..Stera I have small lucky elephants maybe I'm not feeding them right :o(
Mari the dog was aggressive luckily T. wasn't bitten other kind people came to his rescue helping him up we actually saw many dogs that day looking hot tired and bothered from the heat I'm sure it was all too much for them to cope with .It was nice that you were able to meet Violet what a lovely area for them to live in ,The donkeys pushed their heads into the cars at every opportunity looking for tit-bits I was hoping to see the piggies but they're not allowed out until the acorns are ready in the autumn ,we were lucky to see them on a previous trip . One railway arch was so crowded with ponies trying to keep cool the cars couldn't go through they were refusing to move ..
Thanks 3p thats a nice way of looking at bad luck, yes hubby is in good health thank you for asking ,The Zant.... were very welcome especially as there isn't very much colour as yet in the garden ,it's very much a work in progress ..

30 Jul, 2018


I pressed Like Amy...but that was only for the peaceful tranquility you enjoyed on your holiday...NOT for all the additional hassles which you could do well without!

30 Jul, 2018


So pleased to hear your hubby is well Amy.

30 Jul, 2018


Amy, it was tough reading this!
Why you?
One thing after another but at some point it has got to stop - I do hope so.
I am getting quite anxious about reading your blogs you know!!!

30 Jul, 2018


I agree does seem to be challenge overload for Amy doesn’t it. Maybe if we were all to send energetic positive thoughts in her direction.....

30 Jul, 2018


I hope things will get better for you Amy. You're going through some stressful times.
I'm glad you had a holiday. At least it was a break from the house and the New Forest is so beautiful.
Regards to Tony. and hope he's all right now.

30 Jul, 2018


Amy yes some lovely pictures ,but getting lost for words as to the dreadful things that happen to you both.

31 Jul, 2018


It never seems to rain,but pours,for you and Tony lately does it, ? as the sying goes ! OH my,poor Tony,so glad he is ok,but scary all the same..I guess the hot weather could have affected the dog,and others,as you say..I have felt sorry for all animals in that heat...

On a positive note,at least you had a nice restful holiday(apart from the dog incident) ,just lucky it wasn't a Donkey instead finding those lovely Zantedechia in flower when you got home,was a nice unexpected treat ...Lymington looks so pretty too..somewhere we haven't been in that area...

I think we all wonder what is going to be next,Amy..surely it has to be all good news from now on ? xxx

31 Jul, 2018


What a carry on, Amy. Glad you enjoyed the meals out while back home the freezer was defrosting. :0/
That is so annoying. What a waste.
Hope the dog episode didn't spoil your holiday.

31 Jul, 2018


Thank you for all your nice comments and kind thoughts I'll pass them on to T.. ,it has been a stressful year so far please don't worry we're pretty resilient providing we have our health we tend to jump up and start again , we've arranged to have a new bathroom which includes taking out the bath replacing it with a shower new sink, toilet etc. ,keep your fingers crossed for that when it happens please ...
We have an invitation to a Mexican party my Moustache arrived this morning lets hope the rest of the fancy dress is on it's way Lol ... x

31 Jul, 2018


Amy, oh dear, I can only sympathise with your recent bad look. You don't deserve it, poor you, poor Tony x

31 Jul, 2018


I think you'd look very attractive in a moustache Amy ! :D xxx

1 Aug, 2018


Unbelievable misfortune seems to dog you (poor choice of words there!) but you both seem to come through it all with your sense of humour intact!

Lol Hywel at your comment ... :o)

1 Aug, 2018


Don't worry Dawn we've survived x Hywel you're too kind Lol I haven't tried it on I presume it sticks so I'm saving the sticky stuff for the party :o)) I like your choice of words Shirley you have to laugh if not you might cry ..

1 Aug, 2018


Amy, love your spirit x

1 Aug, 2018


Just keep thinking about your magical Zantedechia and the forthcoming party! Two lovely things! Good luck!

2 Aug, 2018


Dawn x ... Thank you penny :o))

3 Aug, 2018


pressed like because of your resilience in the face of adversity. hope things improve from now on.

4 Aug, 2018


You're a trooper Amy in the face of adversity. I hope it's all sorted by now & that your husband doing fine. I remember a line from one of my favorite Broadway shows - 'These things are sent to try us." You've passed the test with flying colors. I love the pictures you've posted above. Looks like a wonderful place to live.

5 Aug, 2018


Thanks Sbg I'm sure they will Fingers crossed , Thanks for that Paul , Your seeds have given me immense pleasure I've thoroughly enjoyed watching each one grow and bloom ..

7 Aug, 2018


Oh Amy...well it's good that you have a strong backbone to be able to withstand such an onslaught of bad luck or weird events.. I do hope Tony is ok and the bumps and bruises are mending and fading and the holiday wasn't spoiled too much. I think you need to stand in the main room of your new home and give it a talking to. It may have been playing jokes, but it's certainly not funny anymore, you're there to love and care for it and it needs to give you both a belated warm welcome! I hope the wasps have vacated the loft and any other wild creatures are leaving, especially ones that may have chewed through electric wiring.
I'm sending you positive thoughts and wishes, and really hope your run of bad luck is well and truly behind you...
Take care....Xxx

14 Aug, 2018


Thanks janey ,it's lovey to hear from you , The new bathroom is being delivered tomorrow I'm not sure if the work will start at once ,it's going to be fun or not Xxx

14 Aug, 2018


Oh my goodness me, whatever next Amy!! you couldn't make it up if you tried could you?
I do hope Tony has recovered from his attack!
Lets hope the bathroom is stress can but hope! do keep us posted, its good that it doesn't get you down....
We have a leaking conservatory atm so bowls and jugs are collecting rain water as I type, might need to put raincoats on to have our lunch lol!!
I am sending you some positive thoughts too, love Angela
(have sent you a pm)

16 Aug, 2018


Thanks Angela , good luck with the leak I hope it isn't as bad as it looks ... Xx

16 Aug, 2018 rain forecast for some all should be well!

20 Aug, 2018


cor AMY , hope things have settled down

Hava you tried a rosemary bush by your front door is a wonderful protector of keeping negativity outside.
And just for good measure lavender dotted around the garden .... worth a try


27 Aug, 2018


Thanks for your input Andy Funny you should say that I've planted a whole row of Lavender since moving here and have a Rosemary in a pot . things are finally settling down ,the new bathroom is almost finished and looking lovely just a few bits for the plumber to finish off we were able to use it for our son coming down this last week for a holiday it's the first time I've known his teenage boys to have showers voluntarily without being told .Ha ha .

1 Sep, 2018


Hb yes do get a Rosemary bush it could well save you a lot of hassle Lol
We're off to Derbyshire tomorrow for a holiday please put in a word to the weatherman for some sunshine , Thank you ... x

12 Sep, 2018

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