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No time for gardening yet I'm afraid


By amy2


Hello everyone ,
I didn’t think it would take so long to get sorted out in our new home ..
Yesterday we had the plumber in to move a radiator it was exactly where I wanted my new american style fridge / freezer to fit in ,I’m very excited about that I never did have enough room in my smaller fridge , you can imagine the dust from the drilling plus he’s coming back in a couple of weeks to put a new sink & taps in for me ..
This afternoon the carpet fitters are coming to lay a carpet in the sitting room .
We are getting there slowly it seems everyday brings something new to do ..
On top of this my brother has had a heart attack he’s in Addenbrookes hospital which means a round trip of 180 miles to visit him ,I’m pleased to say he’s out of intensive care and back on a ward ,he may have to have a stent at a later date when he’s much improved , also he may need to re-coop at mine when he comes out …
I’ve included a few photos just to show I’m alive and well and am hoping to make some contributions to GOY when things settle down ..
I have two large Camellia shrubs which are covered in buds and starting to bloom .
There’s more than one Daphne shrub in bloom ,please don’t ask me their names ,I haven’t a clue …
As you can see the pots & ornaments are laying where they were left on the day we moved in , some pots I’ve placed on either side of the steps leading up to the conservatory with no plan in mind just to make it look
’ lived in’
There’s a high wall on either side of the steps I don’t know yet what plants are growing up the walls it’s going to be interesting to see what emerges as each month comes round …
Amy x

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I envy you that Daphne. It looks like a D Mezerium my mother used to have. Greenfinches love the berries and usually take them long before they turn red...Have you sniffed the flowers?
The pots marching up the steps look great - add the "stately home look", lol ! So many decisions on where to put what, but no hurry, it will all come done eventually!

15 Mar, 2018


the fragrance from the Daphne is amazing. a short stem in a sherry glass fills the room with scent.
ooh exciting times ahead. glad you are settling in and that your brother is making good progress.

15 Mar, 2018


The Camellia almost certain is Debbie always early and prone to frost least it is here

15 Mar, 2018


Amy, the Camellia is a lovely one, and that Daphne just beautiful! All your family of garden pots and ornaments waiting for warm Spring days like we are, to find new homes and places..
Little by little it will all come together and all the new emerging garden shoots will bring so much to look forward too.
I do hope your brother is moving forward and will soon be on the mend and with you. My eldest brother had heart valves replaced last year and is feeling so much healthier than he has for years even though he's always been fit and watched his diet.
Take care my friend and no over doing things! Xx

15 Mar, 2018


Amy it will all come good in the end, when the garden is sorted and its your time to take over you will have so much enjoyment placing all your pots and suchlike, I dare say they will be moved around many times as well.
Sorry to hear about your brother but take heart, my hubby had a heart attack eleven years ago, he too was rushed into Addenbrookes, twice in fact, he had to have a stent fitted, he has been a healthy chap ever since and even at 70yrs of age still hasn't retired, I wish your brother a speedy and full recovery Amy....

15 Mar, 2018


Looks like you have some great plants in your new garden already Amy. A Daphne isn’t something you find in any old garden. The previous owner must have been a keen grower. Lots to look forward to when things settle down a bit. Hope your brother is soon back to fitness. Take care and don’t overdo it. X

15 Mar, 2018


Lots of character in your new garden already Amy and when so much else is happening it will be happy to wait!

Another worry for you about your brother, but it was good to read that he is beginning to recover.

I love your pretty camellia and daphne. Lots of unknown treasures out there and after the spell you have been through, you deserve every one.

16 Mar, 2018


You will get there,Amy,and for now,at least you have some nice colour to look at,with the Camellia and Daphne..I do like your steps,and the plants you have placed there..I too,hope your brother makes a speedy recovery,and he will get lots of TLC from you both,when he convalesces at your home..your American fridge/Freezer sounds brilliant..:o) knowing you,both will be full in no time ! xxx

16 Mar, 2018


One day at a time - you are slowing getting it all sorted. I know the fridge is a big deal. You can't do much with the fridge to be honest, lol. Once that's sorted, the rest will all fall into place. I'm sure you'll be up and running real soon.

16 Mar, 2018


It's exciting having a new garden. You'll enjoy making it your own as time goes on.

I'm sorry to hear about your brother. I hope he'll make a good recovery.


16 Mar, 2018


It’s all going to look lovely I am sure when you get sorted love the the steps you know the old saying one day and one step at a time ? hope your brother will make good progress.

17 Mar, 2018


Good to hear you are getting things sorted, Amy. A very exciting time. I love your steps, a lovely feature. Hope your brother continues to improve, you must feel shattered with so much going on. Take care ?

17 Mar, 2018


Amy, nice to see you blogging, we're missing you. Looks like you have a garden for acid loving plants :). I bought this Daphne this winter, I believe D Mezereum is one of the best for fragrance.
You have so much going on in your life, it's a blessing the weather is like it is for you at the moment or that would mean more work which you can do without while you're working indoors, get well soon to your brother.

17 Mar, 2018


Its lovely to know your in your new home Amy wishing your brother a speedy recovery Amy seems you have your hands full . What a lovely Camelia your Daphne is the same as mine mine is in flower too. Your new garden is looking good cant wait now to see what you ve inherited in your new garden.

17 Mar, 2018


Thank you for all your lovely comments , I'm sorry I can't answer you all individually ,we have two workmen in as I write this I'm keeping out of the way ,Ha ha ...
The gas engineer is sorting out our heating problem it seems we do have a leak in the boiler which means the water keeps losing pressure plus we're unable to use the automatic timer ,apparently he needs some more spare parts so will come back tomorrow .
The fridge / freezer is being assembled I didn't know that I thought they came in already assembled ! .. the kitchen door is off ....
I was pleased to hear all your reassuring success stories about your relatives who have recovered from their heart attacks re my brother , it seems he's not out of the woods yet we had a message last night to tell us he was taken into an isolation ward as his temperature has 'spiked' and that he has Flu symptoms , I suppose that could mean anything until they can be sure as to what the problem is ...fingers crossed for that ...
The sun is shining but is bitterly cold ,we're lucky we haven't had any snow .. so far ...
BTW Nosypotter ( Leigh ) phoned and will be coming to visit as soon as the weather improves ...
Amy x

19 Mar, 2018


Hi Amy. I must apologize for my typos. I meant to say the fridge is top priority. You can't do much without it. But once it's up and running, you'll feel in control again. I'm so sorry for your brother's illness and pray for a speedy recovery. We are in last throws of winter so the boiler won't be quite as urgent. It will be sorted soon as well. Then you can breathe a little easier.

19 Mar, 2018


Thanks for the update Amy x

20 Mar, 2018


oh that's good re Leigh. pass on my regards. I miss his sculptures and blogs. tell him my eldest is still getting inked on a regular basis. haha.

pleased all the house niggles are getting sorted even though it is irritating to say the least. That's not good for your brother. Fingers crossed its a minor infection.

21 Mar, 2018


Thanks for that Paul , Cambridge won the boat race against Oxford at the weekend hopefully that cheered everybody up in the hospital ,the new fridge / freezer is up and running what a joy :o)) the gas engineer should come back today we still have a problem with the boiler ...Dawn Xx
I'll pass on your comments when I see Leigh SBG :o)

26 Mar, 2018


Hi Amy, good to hear from you.
The Camelia & Daphne are lovely & a welcome sight, no need to hurry the garden along best to get a comfy home first - hope you don't have to have a new boiler though.
Sorry to hear about your brother, hope he will soon be on the road to recovery & lastly ...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - hope you have a marvellous day!!!

27 Mar, 2018


Thank you Mari how kind of you to remember ,we're gradually getting things sorted out, the new sitting room carpet looks nice ( plain beige ) and what was the carpet in there is now re-laid in the conservatory which actually makes a good extra room it's a warm sunny room with double doors leading outside ..
The graveled garden to the back has thrown up a surprise it was only when we started to plant some plants which we brought with us in pots that we realized the gravel is hiding a layer of concrete goodness knows what the land was used for prior to building these bungalows at least it will be low maintenance once we get it sorted out ...

The plumber is here this morning putting a new sink & taps in the kitchen ...The boiler problem is still on going the gas engineer is coming back tomorrow to put something on the boiler to detect the water pressure to find out why the pressure keeps dropping to a dangerous level they will come back on Thursday to see the results meantime we will be without heat and water , hopefully it will only be for one night ..
I hope you are keeping well Mari, I expect like us you'll be glad when spring arrives with some warmer weather . Keep warm my friend Xx

27 Mar, 2018


PM sent.

28 Mar, 2018


Amy, glad to hear you are still in touch with Leigh - please add my good wishes when you see him and tell him he's missed.

28 Mar, 2018


Hi Amy! Glad you're getting your kitchen settled. You're so lucky to have a nice warm conservatory. What's up with the concrete backyard though? very interesting.....
best wishes to your brother... I hope it's an inflamation that they can deal with by using meds and it's not the flu.
You will have to write a blog of the whole progress of the past year. Sending lots of good vibes your way.
Hello to Leigh from me!

29 Mar, 2018

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