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Also known as: Common juniper; fairy circle; hackmatack; horse savin;

Plant folklore: Used by Great Basin Indians as a blood tonic.
Native American Indians from the Pacific Northwest used tonics made from the branches to treat colds, flue, arthritis, muscle aches and kidney problems. also used as an insect repellant.
In Eurasia, used to make tonics for kidney and stomach ailments and rheumatism.
Common juniper extract, which can be fatal in even fairly small amounts, was used to make gin and as a meat preservative.
Also used for treating rheumatism, digestive problems, headaches and colds, and as a diuretic. Currently being used to alleviate kidney failure in cats.
Burned in the fire on New Year’s Day in the Sottish Highlands to purify the house and its occupants.
Also burnt before summer and close to a sick person to drive out the malady.
Berries used to fumigate stables. Must be pulled up by the roots and divided into four bundles. Dreaming of the tree brings bad luck but dreaming of the berries brings prosperity.
Should not be grown close to or brought into the house with rowan, as the two combine enought heat to cause combustion.
In Iceland, you must use both woods or neither when building a boat. Only using one will make the boat sink!
Cutting a juniper tree in Wales brings death within a year, but in Newfoundland, it should be used for animal enclosures to keep away wolves.
It is said that juniper can be used to keep witches from entering the house as they will stop and count the leaves.
‘The odour of burning juniper is the sweetest fragrance on the face of the earth’.

Factual info: Flavours gin

Image used taken by Bigbumblebee.

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Its a lovely plant love the way it sprawls itself across the ground. Interesting about the boats.

22 Nov, 2009


I don't get berries on mine....

22 Nov, 2009


Sorry to keep on about my aromatherapy but I've had juniper berry oil sometimes because of my arthritis.

24 Nov, 2009

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