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Pulsatilla vulgaris


Also known as: The Pasque flower; wind flower; praire anemone
meadow anemone;Passe flower;Easter flower
wild crocus.

Plant folklore: Believed to bring good luck, to guard against evil and the powers of darkness. Yet, in some regions, the picking of the flower was believed to bring on thunderstorms – referred to as “Thunderbolt”.
Used in Easter rituals – green dye made from the leaves used to decorate eggs.
Pulsatilla vulgaris is traditionally used as a treatment for endometriosis.
According to Greek legend, it sprang from the tears of Venus and Dioscorides recommended its use for ophthalmia, as did Gerard and Culpeper.
In homoeopathy, one of the chief symptoms associated with the herb is tearfulness and it is used to treat catarrh, indigestion, measles and, for conditions characterised by weapiness and indecision.

PS: My thanks to Paulthegardener – I’ve used your image.

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Fascinating plant love the flower. Sounds like an antidepressant ? The Opthalmic use might it be because Venous tears were thought to be oily and that helps dry eyes?

20 Nov, 2009


Beautiful flowers and a lovely display you have there, yes also the Rowan tree wards off evil spritis, also Laurel is a peace maker. I am enjoying your blogs on folk law as this is what witches were the doctors of natural herb medicine, concocktions witches brews lol, so the towns eg councils felt threatened by them hence called them witches to diswayed the people going to them as they felt their power was being taken from them, so they waited till some one died and called it a curse from the witch to bring the people back to them for help

20 Nov, 2009


This is pretty.Loving the info from everyone,so interesting.Will we be having an Exam later,to see what we have learnt?LOL

20 Nov, 2009


It could be

20 Nov, 2009


Loving these blogs AA. :O)

20 Nov, 2009


Glad you are enjoying them....,there's more to come!!

21 Nov, 2009

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