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When Will The Grass Stop Growing?


By alihope


It’s been the most incredible summer for lawns here in the Midlands.

The almost constant rain and occasional sunny spell have meant that the lawn in my garden just won’t slow down.

Apart from a little bit of moss in the thatch (note to self: improve drainage before the winter!), the sward is dark and lush – the healthiest I can ever remember.

The inclement weather has meant cutting the lawn whenever there’s a decent dry patch and this, sometimes twice weekly trim, has really benefited the health of the grass plants.

I didn’t apply any feed to the lawn this year – if I had it would be utterly uncontrollable by now and the usual opportunistic weeds (dandelions, thistles, etc.) just haven’t stood a chance so no weedkiller’s been used either.

For those of you with petrol powered self propelled rotary lawn mowers, here’s a quick tip I’ve discovered on the often damp lawn this summer:

When starting off on a length of mowing, just give the mower a little push manually before applying the throttle – this will prevent or at least reduce wheelspin and stop you getting those nasty skid marks at the start of each stripe.

I must say I’m looking forward to the growth slowing down and this year I will definitely book the mower in for a service in November when it’s cheaper and with no waiting list!

Happy gardening


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